Bullying (with captions)

Sunday night Howard B. Wigglebottom could not fall asleep. He was very scared. He could hear a little voice in his head, He knew that tomorrow morning he would once again come face to face with the
scary fist punching, name calling, worm whipping, tongue wagging, foot stomping, Snorton Twins. The Snorton twins were, you guessed it, push you down, steal your lunch, make you eat worms-the worst kind of bullies. That is when no teacher was looking of course. The Snortons felt big and important when they made others feel small and scared.
Howard was tired of feeling small and afraid all the time. The little voice in
his head said again Howard didn’t tell anyone. He was too afraid of being called a tattletale or snitch. Even worse,he was scared about what the Snorton twins might do to him On MONDAY Howard thought, I will wear my cloak that makes me invisible. When I
walk right past them they will never see me. I’ll be okay. I’ll be safe. But on Monday the Snorton Twins bullied him
and ate his lunch. On Tuesday Howard thought, I will wear my special shoes. I will run like the wind high above the trees. The Snortons will never catch me. I’ll be OK. I’ll be safe. But on Tuesday it was not very
windy. The Snorton twins bullied him, ate his lunch AND took his shoes. On Wednesday Howard thought I will wear my jacket which transforms me into ROBORABBIT with super powers. I’ll twirl and hurl them into outer space. I’ll be OK I’ll be
safe. But on WEDNESDAY, the Snorton twins bullied him, ate his lunch, and took his jacket. On THURSDAY, Howard thought, I will wear my funny hat and be Howard the Hilarious, Mr Funny Bunny. I will use my quick wit and make them like me. I’ll be ok I’ll be safe. But on Thursday, The Snorton twins didn’t think he was all that funny or smart. They bullied him. ate his lunch
and took his hat. By Friday Howard was hungry, tired and out of ideas. He decided he would give the twins whatever they wanted and just trying not to get hurt. On the way to school Howard overheard
the twins arguing and fighting. Give me the shoes and the jacket! You said I could
wear them, shouted Norton Snorton. No I didn’t. Here take the hat you, stubby legged short boy, yelled his sister. I’m not short. Norton Snorton yelled back standing on his tiptoes. Yes you are! she yelled back, puffing out her chest, hands on hips, looking down at her brother. The Snorton twins puffed and puffed their chests soooooOOOO huge that the floated up in the sky like balloons.Howard watched in amazement as the two drifted away. He could barely hear them calling each other names as he skipped all the way to
school. Okay. Okay. Howard’s imagination did get best of him. On Friday what REALLY
happened was the Snorton Twins beat each other up, they didn’t notice Howard at all. By the time he got to school Howard knew what he had to do for his sake and for the Snorton’s The voice in his head had been right all
along And so howard told his teacher who told the Principal, who told Mr. and Mrs. Snorton. On Friday night while the Snorton’s we’re in big big trouble and
learning an important lesson, Howard snuggled into bed and whispered softly
to himself, I WAS brave and bold when my teacher was finally told. I AM okay, I AM safe. Then he drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep. Would you like to help Howard learn about bullies? Which picture shows Howard being bullied? This one? You got it! If another kid scares you, hurts you, calls you bad names and says bad things about you, makes you do things you don’t want to, breaks who steals your things you are
being bullied. Bullying is wrong. Don’t become a bully yourself. Which picture shows Howard
joking around with bullies? This one? Or that one? You got it! Joking around will not stop bullies. What picture shows Howard having words with the bullies this one? Or this one? You got it! Trying to have words, joke around, ignore
or avoid will not stop bullying. What picture shows Howard doing the
right thing about bullies? Is it this one? You got it! Your teacher can decide the best way to
stop bullies. If you are being bullied don’t forget you are not alone and it’s
not your fault Bullies are kids with problems and they
need treatment when you tell on them you you are helping everyone.