Bullying Videos for Kids: Am I Dumb? (Dealing with Bullies & Self-Esteem) | Educational Cartoon

Bro, I am so mad right now. What’s going on? Today in class I got an answer wrong in front
of the class and since that happened Bernard has been telling everybody I’m stupid. That is not right. I know. Did you let a teacher know? I did but you know how he is. Here tries to get to me when nobody is around. My Granny Maxine says people will always have
something to say that may hurt, but we have to make a choice on what we let get to us. I don’t get it? Lee we may not be able to control everything
that goes on around us, but we have a choice on what we let get to us or not. Well, Bernard is getting to me for sure. I get it, but may I ask you a question? What’s up? Do you think you are stupid? No way! That is what I am talking about right there. What? Even though Bernard is trying to Bully you
and put you down you know what he is saying isn’t true. Be confident in who you are bro. Thanks Franky. I needed that, bro.