Bullying Victim Blamed – My Little Pony Backpack The REAL Problem

Chandler elementary school has banned a
nine-year-old from wearing a My Little Pony backpack
now this little kid Grayson Bruce was severely bullied after he wore his my porn My Little Pony
backpack to school I’m and since it triggered bullying
according to the school administrators they decided it wouldn’t dealing with
the actual bullies what we just tell them hey you know what don’t wear that
black cock and everything will be fine well his
mother is upset about this understandably so so she’s pulled him
out at the school and is currently home schooling him %uh until they find another school to
put him in but I think this is so symbolic the way that our country handles bowling
right now and a lot of other issues including sexual
assault and rape bright don’t blame the the people that are doing the bad
thing blame the victims it is their fault they said that the big races the school
put out a statement saying the graces bag created a disruption in the classroom
build the structure wasn’t when they try to keep the poor kid that’s all my god that was my son all I’d be so
mad but I don’t know how you folks handle it
and I don’t know how I’m going to handle it but you know these other kids in the
rough up by kid blue backpack oh my God my anger could be so I did like but you gotta stay at over the I
mean you gotta have the authorities the principles the school
staff make sure they jewed kate is properly and then when they screw you it’s a oh
yea it will your kids backpack herded for the boys that the boys what’s
your kids ball all my then I’d be seeing red I don’t
understand why in the agent zero-tolerance policies
administrators are unwilling to deal with bullies another theme that I see over and over again when it comes to the
issue bullying and it’s really frustrating because in this case you know you want
to celebrate the kid is doing something different he likes my little pony: good
I’m glad you like my little pony: you tell him that hey it’s your fault that people are blowing you because
essentially that’s telling him he your identity and what you like is a weird and we agree with the police
so take that shit off before you come the class by the way now the boys have been
punished it’s unbelievable and Greece’s mom marine said seeing a lunch
by is a trigger for bowling is like seeing a short skirt is a trigger for rape it’s flawed logic
doesn’t make any sense so absolutely right about that and now
in the missed the story we also find out about a phenomenon that I had no idea about
bronze yet family these are hip boys and men who were into my little
pony: right now look I actually grew up unto
the ages 8 in Turkey and so I missed all these Childress I
don’t even know what my little pony: years rate it’s a small pony I get yeah I
guess so I okay is %uh like to me I’m I’m confused
by the brawny concept to remain but teaches all who cares who cares who
cares right and so a poor kid 11-year-old boy after
he will had the same kinda harassment a in in a different town in
February tried to commit suicide because me bullied him for having a My Little Pony
paraphernalia and now I as potentially lifelong
brain-damaged no on on on on on how you deal with the bullies then you don’t blame the victim that’s
crazy there needs to be more education about
the issue because it’s its really more prevalent than we
previously thought. rate we’re seeing more more cases the teenagers committing
suicide and it’s not always for cases involving my
little pony: of course it has to do with a teenager sexuality or you know ethnic background whatever
it is and you have to educate people and and make it on call to believe because
right now you’re considered one of the cool kids if you’re going around bossing people
around or ridiculing people if you could change the culture around
that you’re not gonna have as many instances as we see in in this case in Chandler
elementary school so I don’t know and also if I were a
school administrator or you’re gonna give this kid a hard time because the
backpack is wearing alright while they’re gonna be serious issues including suspension if
it’s gonna continue on expelling you whatever it takes you gotta send a message that it’s not
acceptable behavior I i feel like we’ve kinda said it
without knowing it um I don’t think their intention with the
same this kid is the problem it’s lazy and they going this is easier
does have a fabulous top one kid ink and a backpack cuz their dogs and I thinking up for the big
deal is stuck in a backpack you have a problem instead of going
after all the kids were doing cuz that’s more kid that’s bigger numbers that’s probably taken to a Batmobile I
could not believe in the corner about them you know it’s hard to catch every time so I think
I have too hard with complete to start bringing a backpack it’ll be over so I thinking that easier
route in really they don’t realize that they blame in
the making I think I’m gonna and I I think you’re both right I think good
yeah it’s generally Hawkins razor is the simplest answer is
usually true and with unfortunately the symbols
answers often that people are lazy and so I got Bahama find eleven different believes that
stuff just a stop when that bike and backpack and everything will be fine says I’ll get with the house a Braun
guaranteed us with the bristles think both those things