Bullying – Two Minute Message

– Hey everybody, Daniel Fusco here. Welcome to today’s Two Minute Message. We hear about it all the
time, the idea of bullying. You think about what bullying is, it’s when somebody chooses to make themselves stronger feeling at the expense of another person. So you have somebody who’s
trying to prop up their identity by diminishing somebody else. But here’s the thing, the
weakest person is the bully. Because the Bible places
a premium on meekness. And one of the greatest definitions of the work meekness is that
it’s strength under control. See, it’s important to
realize that the person who is lashing out and
bullying other people, they’re doing that because
they are feeling weak inside and the only way to try
and not feel weak is to make somebody else feel weak. Now, I’m not saying
that they should do it. I’m not saying it’s
justifiable in any way. But that’s why people do it. But real strength is under control. And so bullying should play no part in the world that we live in, ’cause people should never
want to define themselves or feel strong at the
expense of another person. It’s the most prideful thing
to do, to bully another person. And so I just wanna
encourage each one of you to seek after meekness. And the beauty is, is Jesus
was meek and lowly in heart. That’s what he says in Matthew 11. And so Jesus, the King of
Kings and the Lord of Lords, with all the strength of the universe, chose to surrender his
life to death on a cross. And so we wanna be like Jesus. And when we see somebody
who’s bullying someone, we should step in to help stop injustice. God bless you guys today.