Bullying the Voiceless

thank you do it again come on Springer take a deep breath let’s do it come on man let’s just the second day do it now blast it back fast as you can [Music] [Music] you’re anxious about this conversation and then is right you can’t so I need you to them let’s do some breathing excess okay so let’s bring it in hold it breathe out okay say your name like would you like to read page there no y-you can’t read okay I’ll read sharks of fish but unlike most other fish sharks have no bones shark skeletons are made of cartilage which is the same material that gives human ears their shape what’s the next chapter oh oh more 350 me me okay all right who wants to read next just sit down and be quiet and I want you to nor him okay he understands that he can irritate you don’t let him do it Joseph please read properly you gotta lose some points [Music] we’re not gonna have that we’re not gonna have that we’re not remember thee Montreal you walked over here you walked away from your seat you walk over to him so what does that do for you okay yeah take it easy have a seat no that’s not the point just relax all right let’s go on to page seven most bodies okay let’s look at the picture which fan do you think the best thing you can do is sustain your seat and ignore him once you stop talking about it he’ll stop talking about I actually like 30 minutes ago who hit who first didn’t say he here to free but I don’t mess with a Nomo he met him all day I don’t mock me for moral some he want to fight I feel for good football so that’s wrong oh me take the step there you go but you gotta put some on it come on spank you catch that that’s how you won’t catch it just like this alright when you do what you gonna catch it like this don’t be afraid of it are they still bullying you I can’t understand you not really so what about the other problem yeah the hygiene problem you took a sound every night you use the order to because what they gonna start doing is talking and then they’re gonna start bullying you right that’s the same way it is with when you when you read I believe that you can speak better than what you’re speaking are you nervous huh nervous about what I suppose you had to be the guard and you bouncing the ball and you gotta say 2 to 2 not enough for everybody here could you do that do it you gotta be bouncing the ball with your hand up in the air said to to you speak well when you want to use a class word I heard you today so good so you can’t do it when you want to do it you gotta get some confidence in yourself you need somebody to talk to or something like that you got to open your mouth for say something use a man around your house that you can talk to it’s always just a bunch of women just a bunch of meeting grandma right you know what a mentor is a mentor is a person like could be somebody like me that will come and get you and take you someplace or come around and talk to you or let you talk and you’re gonna talk cuz you’re gonna play softball I’ll be right there you want to play football next year I’m gonna be right there nobody else got to know I won’t tell nobody else if any of you if it get out youto know yeah yeah yeah if you get out you toe you understand me okay if he’s on top you stand up everything and I’m trying to control him what do you think there’s birth time at a game [Music]