Bullying Q&A with Anti-Bullying Advocate Jaylen Arnold

Q&A with Jaylen Arnold – Anti-Bullying Advocate and World of Children Award Honoree Jaylen is a young man with Tourette Syndrome. He travels the United States educating others about bullying What is bullying? Bullying is when a stronger subject is picking on a weaker subject; making someone,
whether it’s a kid or adult, feel horrible about themselves by taunting and harassing them. Bullying is a huge problem, not only in our schools but all across the world — at work. People are constantly being affected by bullying every single
day and that’s why we all need to come together to banish it. What are some warning signs of bullying? The warning signs of seeing someone who’s
being bullied are changes in behavior, grades, eating habits, and attitudes.
Because when someone is put into a depressed state of bullying, there are so many changes that come in
their everyday life and they are not the same as if there were not. What should you do if you or someone you know is being bullied? The question I get most about being bullied is what do I do if I know someone, or I am
someone being bullied? Because there are so many people out there who are unsure of what
to do and are too scared to speak up and be heard. If you are a victim or know a
victim of bullying, you always have to go someone and say something and speak up. Tell someone! Tell your principal, teachers, resource
officers, your parents — tell an adult that can give the right consequences to the bully. But what if no on cares and no one is listening to me? Even if it seems like nobody cares or
listening to you, there always is, whether it’s your principle or your school resource
officer, there’s always someone there that you can talk to that will be there
for you. All you have to do is speak up to them. And Jaylens Challenge is always here for you.