Bullying in Japan

Hey guys how’re you doing? It’s Jun.
Ummm… again. I’m sorry if you’re looking forward to Rachel’s
videos. She’ll be busy for a little while so I might
have to make videos for a little while. So please be patient. So, do you know about Japanese shoe lockers? In Japanese schools we can’t wear our regular
shoes inside the school. Just like our homes we have to take off
our shoes at the entrance. And they have shoe lockers about the size of
2-3 shoe boxes for each student. And the schools usually have
their own shoes, and we have to wear these special
shoes inside the building. And sometimes people use their shoe lockers
as a communication tool. Especially for people who want to write
confession letters. And there was a guy in my class who had a crush
on one of my friends. I won’t say his real name so I’ll
just call him “Pooh-san” The girl Pooh-san liked was pretty popular
and lots of guys liked her. And also, everyone knew that Pooh-san
was a little crazy about her. One day when I was changing
my shoes at my shoe locker I found a confession letter
with her name on it. I was really surprised and I
couldn’t believe it was from her. And everyone found out I got a letter from her.
Including Pooh-san. But there is a girl I liked,
so I turned her down. And actually she knew about
it so she understood. But… that made Pooh-san
really upset for some reason. And from then on he hated me and he would
do all kinds of things to bully me. Remember the shoe lockers I talked about? They’re like the focus of Japanese middle-school drama. Love… hate… so many emotions
get put inside those shoe lockers. And at the end of the day, the day
after I got the confession letter, I was leaving school, changing into my
normal shoes, and I stepped into something. And screamed as hell
because it hurt so much! There were thumb tacks in my shoe. And not even like 1 or 2, but 5
of them sticking straight up, right in my shoe. And of course I
wasn’t expecting anything like that. I just stepped in my shoe but
the pin was right on top of it. It went in my skin, got stuck
in my foot, and it bled a lot. I couldn’t believe it. Who on earth
puts thumb tacks in someone’s shoes? Like seriously! And later on I found out
that it was… him. From then on I was really careful and had
to make sure there was nothing suspicious in my shoes and locker, every single day until I graduated. It was like he made it his personal
mission to destroy me, whatever it cost because I turned down the girl he liked. How’s that even make sense? He should have been happy
that I didn’t date her. Sometimes I got confession letters that
said, “Wait for me after school.” “I have something I want to tell you.” So I waited. And waited, and waited. And no one showed up. And then I found out
it was him as well. And on Valentine’s Day in Japan, girls
give chocolates to guys they like and they often put them in your shoe locker or desk. The very first time I received
chocolate on Valentine’s Day, I was sooo excited! I was in my second year of high school and I couldn’t believe I finally got chocolate. I was just super excited.
The package was really nice and I opened it up
and took a bite of it and it had wasabi in it! I will never
forget the taste of wasabi chocolate. It was like so nice fancy chocolates, too. I don’t
even know how he got the wasabi inside it. I know all of you like to
hear stories of revenge, but I never did anything back to him. I find it a waste of time. Well, I actually kind of enjoyed
getting presents from him. Like I get thumb tacks,
and fake letters, and wasabi chocolate on Valentine’s Day. I was just wondering what
else he could come up with. So if you have similar experiences
or something you can share with me please let me know. Thanks for watching! Hey guys how’re doing? It’s Jun. Shut the door! Just, just shut the door!