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hi I’m Hector Azuz thank you for
watching CNN 420 I am currently here in some random guys
game room and I will be speaking about bullying you would want to be this and not this (OH GOD! IT’S HORRIFYING!) now here is the scientist that I have
managed to track down because I am of the news so here we are here
with the Dan Ow…Olwee How the hell do you pronounce your na- Dan Olweus how does it
feel to stay waste of life? Studying what? studying bully well according to our
research at Southwest high school at some random computer class we discovered that about 60% of the students in that classroom alone have been bully verbally
and or physically and we estimated at least 20% of those students have been
bullied at some point in their lives five percent of the students bullied
because of terrible house problems to which thank God they are liberated
from their own hellhole fantastic and what about the people who basically
have a giant target mark on their backs for being at different sexuality or any
some form of disability problems the lgbtq+ community is an incredible
example of bullying targets as apparently there are still people who
cling on to the medieval times if anything, there are some people
who will vandalize the safe havens for those who quote unquote “encourage the sin against God” and do you have anything to say to those Catholics that claim such
things absolutely if you are against LGBTQ then why are there always some
people who just vandalize some place that is meant to keep the “different
people” happy you’re no better than that snake that force Adam to eat that Apple fantastic another round for a guy preaching about criminals because they
are homophobic what else you got?! throughout my research I have discovered that a number of special needs children that also go through such pain oh my god yes exactly and have anyone ever had any suicidal thoughts due to their
difference and the fact that that makes them different for the lgbtq+
the person that recently into the community is already depressed before
they even enter the area for the children and in special education do get
suicidal thoughts but they are not because of their disability but rather
some actual problems at home in fact one time in a classroom a student was trying
to leave a classroom but went all James Bond around the area and when in
actuality it is because he didn’t want to be found by his tormentor to which he
was just making some jokes despite being fully aware that that boy was getting
paranoid and likely suffering a form of PTSD kind of a big jump to go from some
simple torment into something that is incredibly serious. Wouldn’t that be just
some form of exaggeration You’d think so as many parents speculated that the children were just playing around in are just kids you know sort of boys will be
boys sort of thing. have you ever thought about what goes on in the home because when I was younger a guy called Jose Julian who was a
massive jerk I asked him about his problems at home and he just kept
interrupting me by the way I magically had my tie back I’ve been mean to ask you about that so please answer the question yes that is true as it happens it is mostly (Stuttering) it mostly consists of parents who abuse their own children
in fact there is a reddit story for a reddit user called iron potato man and why exactly should we care about some reddit post? Oh believe me you read that Reddit story about his little sister and cousin you’ll
be muttering “oh my god” at every possible turn oh my god yeah it’s just like that well that’s all the time we have for today here is 420 out of 420 where we see Hector Cabral ending this video well that was a hell
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a description go to there, they’re all references good bye I would like to give a big shout out to Rosa Diaz of the Imperial Valley LGBTQ
Resource community you see that? That’s the place