Bullying (English)

>>Victoria: Unfortunately, when I was growing
up, I was bullied because I have dyslexia. People would pull my hair, they would stick
gum in it, they would pinch me and all I could do was just sit there and cry.>>Debbie: Bullying is weird because it depends
on how your child reacts to individuals and the child that was being bullied, my son,
he wasn’t open with me all of the time so it was either that I saw physical appearance
or he would share things with me after the fact.>>Brandon: Half the time, I would keep it
to myself, I mean, there are still instances that I never told her, I don’t think I was
ever planning on doing so cause it seems so minor.>>Debbie: Sometimes I’d have to pry and
poke him, you know, just ask questions and, like I said, I would sometimes see physical
things on him like somebody hit him or in one case there were a couple of confrontations
where he got hurt. So it was things like that, I was very in tuned as a parent. So I told
my son that he had to just be watchful of who was around him and not to portray that
he was afraid but yet be very careful as to who surrounded him at all times and that meant
on the bus as well because often time confrontations happen on the bus after school. Well, I know
that the schools by law have to report bullying and that they have to find some sort of remediation.>>Victoria: You can definitely have the communication
open between you and the counselor where she’s able to give you like a 5 minute pass before
your next class period, therefore you can go 5 minutes early and hopefully get to your
classroom quicker and you won’t have to run into a bully.>>Mary Jane: If they want, they can also
go to the administrator and talk to them and that way we’ll have documentation. If the
teacher hasn’t taken care of it or it hasn’t gotten better, we’ll have some kind of documentation
to follow on that child that’s being a bully.>>Victoria: Your teacher will always be on
your side, she’s there to help you and make sure that you’re gonna succeed. So it’s
great to have that communication open, she can give you other ideas as well.>>Brandon: It takes a lot of patience and
it takes a lot of character in order to withstand it, ignore it. And people with a lot of patience
grow up to become good people, and great people have awesome jobs. That’s pretty much it.