Bullying and Gossip: 3 Techniques The Gossiper Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Hello, I’m Susan Fitzell and today our topic is gossip. I had an experience a couple weeks ago, where I was out with someone who we were just chatting away and then
suddenly I realized oh my gosh this person is sharing information with me that I really don’t need to know and maybe I
shouldn’t know. And some of it, when it started came out
as “Oh, I’m sharing this with you to help you.”
but then as we went on and on I realized, that piece
of information would not really help me. I really don’t need to
know that. And, I realized after I heard several times ” Oh, don’t
tell anyone I said this.” “Oh, don’t tell so and so…Oh, don’t tell so and so…” a familiar flag went up… a RED flag: The GOSSIP flag! The flag that lets me know that…
this person is sharing information to me about others… The challenge is that when someone is gossiping to you and sometimes caught off guard like I
was at that moment, you could be a loss as to what to do. “How I do I get out of this?” How do I extract
myself?” and the other huge awareness piece for
me is if they’re gossiping to me, chances are they’re gossiping about me. Take note! Now so what what are some things you do
if you are dealing with a gossiper. One of the things that you can do
is say, “Mmm… Are you sure this information is
helpful? Ask yourself, because sometimes maybe there’s some legitimate, “I don’t wanna hurt you” information there. Or, “I’m saying this to you for your own protection. Ask yourself that question. If it’s not
helpful it”s Gossip. The other thing you can do is just …
call it for what it is…Say, “you know I’m really not comfortable with this
conversation. could we please, you know, change
subject? I’d be much more comfortable. That would
be Step 1. Step 2: You might just change the
subject yourself. Just say, “Oh, you know, isn’t it a great day?” and try to go in a different direction. Another thing you might do is just act bored… Not really respond… Just smile and nod, and, just act like you’re really not into the
conversation. And then change the subject. Don’t engage the gossip, because that’s one
of the problems that we run into… as long as we keep going with our end of the conversation believe me, they’ll keep going. Let’s say
that you are in a situation where you’ve been privy to some gossip before you are able to stop it, and now,
you’ve got this juicy tidbit. What do you do? My suggestion… Keep it to yourself. Because the minute
we share that gossip, we spread the gossip, and we are a gossip. So, that’s another option… to simply keep the information to yourself. And most importantly, be careful what you share online. That is one of the worst places in the world to have gossip, because what
online is there forever. So, when you’re sharing
things about other people make sure it’s positive, that it builds them up, that it supports, and it never ever tears them down. Those are my tips for gossip, today. I hope you enjoy them, and, I look forward to seeing you during
the next video. Stay tuned at YouTube/SusanFitzell. Have a
wonderful one!