Bullying, a social media’s effect

What is the definition of bullying
Bullying is any unwanted aggressive behavior that occurs
repeatedly the type of bullying that we’re seeing now is physical verbal
emotional and now cyber bullying that occurs by one person but also it could
occur as perpetrated by a group of people it’s interesting you mentioned
cyber bullying because now you can’t escape it doesn’t end when
the school bell rings who are the kids that are most at risk for
bullying what does the risk profile of look like well children and teen who isolates
who look differently than the person who is targeting the bully the person
children who did with disabilities but basically everyone is at risk for being
bullied if someone is targeting them and some kids go from being bullied to
bullying depending on what you’re in a school you’re in right it changes
with the social development yes actually anyone can be bully at one point or
someone can become a bully if they respond to that how is this different
than it was when we were kids what is the environment that’s different that has raised the consciousness of the country over bullying I would say the
the introduction of all the social media we have and and how we’re all on our
phones all the time and Facebook and Twitter etc that’s changed the course of
how we all live our lives so there’s a social disconnect among kids and maybe that is spurring on more aggressive behavior we actually see it I mean
children have become desensitized from some of the things that they do and say
to the point that it is okay sometimes calling people’s name they don’t see that could be hurtful for someone else