Bully: Scholarship Edition but a girl starts a war

Hey there friends how’s it going? My name is Kevin and today were playing more Bully and I think they’re laughing at me because of my outfit again They don’t seem to leave me alone just cuz I’m different -kid laughs HAHAHA- I get kicked out of this store like every time I’m here…that’s a fast track for getting out though alright Let’s go get to some missions or something ah under the bridge I don’t ever want to feel like I did that day walking into the rough part of town dressed like this, okay Just asking for trouble. “I bet you think I’m funny don’t you. A laughingstock?” “not really. I mean you dress a little weird” -kevin dies laughing- HAHAHA he even calls him out for the way he’s dressed Yo man back off. I’m the Nutcracker and guess what you’re the nut good thing I don’t stick out and I can go undercover and take pictures of them How is that a bad photo? I don’t understand. Good photo there we go. like is that not enough Why do I need MORE evidence? that just seems like it’s fecken mean on the guy. Nope wrong guy. Why is that a good photo? -hehe- I don’t understand stop looking at me Don’t… I’m making a nature documentary look Nature get out of my face dude. Here’s a photo I took right before getting assaulted. I think she’s about to fall over Obviously, I took it by accident I was taking a picture of that guy. alright. I got the photos they need What is it with you and hanging under the bridges dude “well my little friend?” “I’m the King around here, ME!” and I’m the Jester I never know why he goes along with these guys, like every single time it always backfires, and they all just seem insane That should provoke him right -laughing- That was slick, even though I’m pretty sure he went through the door Ah, here we go. I was just bait boys, BAIT Whats wrong with HIS eyes?!! OH AWESOME you guys fight, I’m using these ramps look guys. I’m like Tony Hawk except I’m on a bike. I guess nothing like Tony Hawk really how kamicazi’d it can I just stay off that thing and just shoot at them This works way better “another job well done” now I can be like Tony Hawk Yeah, just like Tony Hawk “I need your help” Shh. We’re in the library all right? What do you need “he thinks ALGIE is trying to put the moves on his girl?” “Algie and Lola?” oh, I thought they meant like algae like you’d find in a in a pond That’s like I think he’s getting paranoid. Oh -muffled arguing with bad sound quality- My god everyone stop talking at once come on put down the bat. There’s no need for that the other guy’s holding him like he’s gonna do anything. He’s just basically letting me finish this guy. Wait no he’s fighting back?! oh, no he fell over “that’s nothing to a man….” why are we just standing that close to them? “I thought that me and you…”
“SHUT UP FATSO” -kevin dies laughing- the poor guy -both- “but i thought she liked me” haha I like these guys, they’d do well in like a buddy cop movie. Oh Jesus Okay friendly fire they’re just hurting themselves now with this thing They should use a different weapon wait is that a train I here, but don’t get too carried away now There’s no need to go in front of a train my god – laughs- That must hurt so much, he went into it at such speed! Was a bit of grand theft auto, thinking I tried to blow up the gas station I forgot im just using the slingshot here, and I’m pretty sure something like that would get me expelled Anyway, isn’t this the preppy place? why am I going back in here? “It’s you” “is that any way to greet your new boss Harrington?” -concerned kevin- wait why am I their new boss?? What what is going on wait why am I their boss? “Why should I?” “because you’re the boss” “Exactly. I’m the boss, and I’ll go send the message” I think I just got manipulated like really freaking bad like if I’m the boss I should be able to tell them go do it It’s all about delegation, and I just sit back in my nutcracker outfit and relax. Give me that AWWWWWWWW You know I for one think Lola and -wtf-are a great couple And I think they could bridge the divide between some of the communities in the school god DAMN it What is wrong with this all right third time’s a charm? Jeez every time I get out here the brawls just get worse right here’s where he got to last time all right I’m already further! that’s proof that it will 100% not crash, and this is not jinxing it whatsoever and this is further than i got the first time, all right we’re sorted! -guy laughs about me being clever- What? Don’t understand what that interaction was…okay let’s tag this place. Oh god damn it. Give me your bike owwww goddammit I was about to say slick getaway to the base and then that happened like at least this guy isn’t faking to be Asian like the last dude. Oh my god. I’m rich. That’s pocket change to him?? “somebody is going to get their freaking legs knocked out” WHy Because you don’t like the brickwork? he didn’t spray that wall, I don’t understand your problem It’s the same guy from earlier come on. Give me your bike this poor guy ughhhhhhh i hate races -“i love u” character drama- I feel like I’m in a soap opera. “What are you doing here?” I JUST LIKE TO WATCH What is her deal, and why is everyone obsessed with her?? like I’m not about making fun of people’s looks But she looks like grognak in a wig. How are those trains moving by themselves? Okay, we’re back in Hogwarts all of a sudden Whoa whoa, whoa come ON?!! how is that fair?! I guess I’m just gonna have to TRAIN more at dodging them -nice pun kev- like it’s not even Johnny and me it’s this random-er whose winning the race This is a fun race!! Oh im havin a good time -sarcasm overload- ow fEcKeN hell I did not hit that, no way, 100%. This is TREASON god how long is this race?? Oh speak of the devil it’s over all right. I won the race now what did this solve I don’t understand women obviously that’s that’s the issue ~flash back echo~ see that’s all I want at the end of day respect and To sit as far away from girls as possible because they make me nervous It’s not the game, it’s me. She just ran away so fast. Oh god. She’s following me again Wait there’s a cop right there!! What is he turning a blind eye??!!! -Lola screams in the background-
SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY this relationship went south very fast. It’s not my fault!!! why does it look like they’re fighting that sign oh Well he won and apparently that old man is next shouldn’t be picking on old men for no reason Oh my god, my allies deserting all right. You know what you deal with them then gramps Okay, thank you -kevin laughs- that was convenient god. They hate signs. They just hate Authority “Have you ever been used as a punching bag?” Actually, yes believe it or not move like a bee sting like a bee ~flashbacks~ Oh what the hell is this they’re doing ok I’ve been used as a punching bag, but not as a pinata you can just feck off Trust me kid It is sometimes people just get pulled off and you just gotta take the bike find a way to knock down the walls I’ll have to use my head yeah Okay, that didn’t work all right. I can take apart a toilet in one kick, but I can’t break down these loose boards Hit him where it really hurt in his box. It’s destroyed. What are you gonna do now? See that? another one down. I’ll destroy all your boxes That’ll show you I’m genuinely not even trying to destroy them. I didn’t try to destroy any of them Okay I Think I figured out how I get through those walls He’s just trying to murder me. This is going a bit beyond schoolyard fighting WHAT? he didn’t even hit me Okay, this is a strange fight. I think the slingshots definitely the way to go with this one It’s like he can’t move without swinging his hammer. Oh, no no oh god. I shouldn’t’ve made fun of him He just needs to destroy everything in his path. That’s what it is all right, sweet. All right got his hammer Don’t even understand how he got blocked back in there after he already destroyed the walls
-repressed laughter- But I’m not gonna comment on that too much. All right. We got all of them sweet, okay That was not a very good mission. That was annoying I didn’t know what I was supposed to do for ages -kev has a vision- I just have a nasty feeling it’s gonna crash now that I said that take your stuff back I don’t know why I’m doing this for you Did I just get a handshake? I’m afraid to even hijack him, not because of the law, just the last time I tried to steal a bike …it crashed I just don’t want it to be an endless cycle -hollow laughter- -proud voice- The puns are strong today -nerd screams in the background about getting picked on- i like how he’s complaining about being picked on but yet every time I pass he laughs at my outfit. you hear him? there he goes again. -nerd cackles in distance- i can STILL hear him…. i might be a tough guy but it still hurts GIMME that! I don’t even have a helmet. Oh shit shit SHIT awwwww… That guy still wants to beat me up even though I’m being appreHENded by the law another scooter sweet!! Okay, not so graceful will you still follow me if I’m on this? oh no oh no NO no NO no wait what? he wasn’t even touching me! ok this is becoming more and more Grand Theft Auto by the second oh I can’t believe I hit that dog All dogs go to heaven right?? “Oh there he is my hero.” Ohhhhhhhh my god she’s moody again “I’m Helen of Troy and you’re more interested in BOYS called Troy!” ah she got me there imagine he went like YEAH WHAT OF IT and just walked away, he’d be my hero for life. Oh god! I’m not involved with that SCRAP. What’s going on? It’s ANARCHY! this is because I hit that dog isn’t it is this really all for Lola?? I find this hard to believe gotta sing my way out of this You’ll respect that! -kevin starts singing- you gotta shape up cuz I need a man. I didn’t think I get this far -kevin dies laughing at their respect for Grease songs- They actually respect the music of Grease alright there we go now fight him all at the same time come here, John Travolta Take this Scientology. Hey that didn’t hurt nothing tends to hurt Scientology from what I’ve seen -they all start repeating ‘you’re cruising for a brusin’- You’re cruisin for a bruisin is quickly becoming the newest thing like ~a bee move like a bee~ Just taunting them wow WOw wow what how was THAT fair? -kevin laughs again- the way he’s talking Wait outrun the cops what WHY are they after me I just got ASSAULTED I guess if anyone reported me for a crime I’m pretty easy to find he’s that kid he’s kind of short hair kinda tall and oh yeah, he’s dressed as THE NUTCRACKER Good jump!! -proud kev is proud- Don’t know why Petey was here Pete is definitely numero uno he’s a legend come under the magnet there we go oh Crap that was awesome!! Okay, he’s still pretty strong. I don’t think this stalled my issue. rrrr you’re so fast He’s tired out! damn, this kid is good better to get back to running in circles after He’s got some serious gas tank you gotta give it to old Jimmy here “im coming for you kid!” Yeah, you’ve been saying that for quite some time. We did it!! take that grease monkey Oh, there’s one of those planes that fly sideways again “the thing is Pete now that I’m cool…” “I’m not sure we can be friends anymore” -kevin laughing- Yeah, just look at me. I’m out of your league -tearful voice- “Well when you don’t with this place a career on the stage awaits, maybe maybe like a male stripper or something huh” “what?” hahahaha he doesn’t understand, a role on the stage awaits for him that’s for sure, “I’m leaving!” oh no Who would mess with a kid dressed like this ?! “Think we found some new people to have some fun with” “Jimmy, I gotta go.” -sarcastic kevin emerges once again-
Oh, that’s convenient. What are you gonna do huh? Yeah, you seem SUPER busy -character does fake laugh- Yeah, I’m a funny guy, I guess we’ll end it there folks. I really hope you enjoyed the video as always and Other than that I guess I will see you next time Bye for now quick shout out to patreon supporters -auto generated names- lieutenant Carla America’s Ebsen James ring lyndshane law ship American Katherine Libyan Noah Shasha Andrew check even character Brooklyn Louise Callen Christine even normal Nadine camel Josh Delton mr. Ozzie death all 97 Jack She is Jack Toland Lea McTaggart Nancy Kirk backup Linda left, Kaelyn Valencia Sarah Wilkins Luke Jagger’s Caffrey gain anaconda Kiwi students even a winter prepares a thanks guys