BULLY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 15

I actually think I might want to go to
some classes today you do I think any one class and they can do a mission
we’ll see though cuz we do have those new classes so there’s still a bunch of
stuff we can do like yeah here we go we got one more chemistry two more art form
shop three biology for geography – English – – gym for photography three
music for myth so it’s still got a lot of classes to do but like what do you
it’s a like a percentage was like we still like they’re less than 20% so
start out a little ways to go what’s this dude doing no I’m not gonna
paint it okay all right wonder what class is gonna be I really
hope it’s not Jim hey where’s that dude dude wanted to make I mean it’s totally
tripping over there but hello this was alike and not what a normal
public high school is like this is a baby you know immediately graduates do
that all the time truancy gone from right here
biology okay sick biology three he’s good a lot
harder as class goes on so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do some haze ones
here’s the pins secure Kerch it has a name patience Hopkins science the hard earth
controller are over a quarter through it skimp up of the kills okay here we go sweet 5360 the liver it’s the only thing
that’s not like hardcore pixelated a minute and a half left you still got one
third to go it’s not too hard right stomach Thanks take your time boy dissection is an art
suite that should be it right 93% there we go good nice
that’s pretty easy actually so what am I gonna get from this one anything good
hopefully the best way to kill a rat is a heavier slingshot bass hat thanks
was it bass sweet okay let’s go to a mission looks like the only one available is
over there at that market sweet he’s absolutely clapping that new cheese is that dude we made out with want to
find him again man I wanted to run over that cop
yom-yom market nice Tad’s house wonder what we’re gonna be doing here at Ted’s
house I’m real dumb hey hey kid please good boy thank you thank you
geez don’t kiss really strong um hey be good no be good not you Einstein not you
so how did everything work out with those eggs not like I was hoping
never trust a rich kid too bad too bad was it that jerk tad you know his
parents right a party at my boss’s house right now if you wanted a revenge thing
now would be a good time I guess I’ll need some more eggs then hi yes you got it
thanks come on Russell we’ve got a house call to make so late yeah Russell dude
need a bike here you go that dude you can run over by that car thing you did
that sex regular nothing food nice all right right here there you go throw an egg through every
open window alright sounds easy enough oh they have like a taxi just in the
driveway get it Russell throw a window over here yeah sweet and here’s the last to sweet wait was that not it get out of Tadzio
okay oh my god she’s whaling on me the board you see he out classes me oh no the student is freaking Hall in it there you go here we go here we go steal
from oh my gosh it was wailing on the board dude come on we got this ah who’s getting clapped
that guy’s done and this guy’s done nice holy smokes
pretty sure that dudes now a paraplegic so oh that’s sick um alright let’s go so now there’s something on the doc okay alright here we go there’s that PT boxy
challenge let’s do it let’s box and pools so how do I do it Pete
do what beat those rich kids in the submission well what have you tried so
far random violence widespread destruction gratuitous sadism no no
that’s not gonna work kind of Stephanie home know what you
gotta do is you gotta beat one of them publicly you got to prove to them you’re
better than their best man don’t you box that dumb jerk Biff not bad Pete not bad
at all All Right see you around wait Jimmy can
I come too you know what don’t worry about it all right you’re getting it you’d be
just oh do just slapped us up dude his absolutely slapping us oh my god yo you
just straight body slammed us wait I was busted what the cops are out of breath
it holy smokes that dude just absolutely smoked does
sucks dude alright well I guess when you go to class Oh class is over come on grab grab grab
oh my gosh come on get him get him get him get him
get him get up gonna gonna go no no no no no Oh brah please don’t make me roll
ons I throw on the day I started whaling on his nutsack
I was gnarly bro sweet let’s see what we can do what was that
whole thing about the doc some about a boxing challenge oh I got to go back to
the freakin pier alright well let’s go do that again I need a Holy See’s
dude face she’s hit the concrete it’s gonna need stitches there’s some dental
work what am i riding this bike like a faggot there we go oh there’s that hot chick we always made
out with her we had a one Peck no no no crap please help sorry bro we got a
mission I gots to do this it’s important alright go to the boxing club hey it’s starting to snow it’s gonna
cool okay here we go let’s do some boxing
bruh you and me Biff you and me what you and
me the noble art of boxing may the best man win
and then you little trust fund fairies will know what life is all about
anytime popper of course the best man always wins me come on afterwards you
can clean my shoes oh yeah well you better get this going gonna dude oh yeah
here we go here we go come on what do I keep well keep whaling oh absolutely block down come on oh we almost got em started Wow
time’s up you should have won that right let’s do some dodging it’s time here we go Wow good dodge Lily almost
unreal it’s gonna be almost on him you got him yeah there we go
sweet that wasn’t that hard got him in the second round probably could have got
here in the first talking to become a champion gentlemen are we going to let
some guttersnipe come in and beat up our friend Biff then what are we going to do