Bully Busters

[ominous music] Let’s go. Dropped the books, dawg! What are those?! What are those?! Where’re yall goin’? Where you goin’? Yall ain’t goin’ nowhere. Guys! Just leave him alone. I know what we need! [uplifting music] [alarm] [yelling and laughing, ray beam] Where am I? [suspenseful music] You’re at Satilla Marsh
Elementary, and you’re in my office, the assistant principal, Ms. Robinson’s office, and it has
been reported to me that you have been bullying students. This is a no bullying zone. We are leaders here. I want you to turn around and write about
LEAD, about Leadership, about Excellence, about Attitude, and about Determination! [suspenseful
music] [uplifting music] [cheering] Hey kids, never be a bully or the Bull Busters will
get ya! [uplifting music] This is the assistant principal office – let me start over. [laughing] That was good, Coleman. You’re doing really good. My name is Ms. Robinson. [laughing] That’s fine! [laughing] [uplifting