Bullies Use Food to Attack Kids with Serious Allergies

dole is a pretty worthless awakens to
grade school but now police have found a different way to attack kids and what
they do is they look for kids who have food allergies and then they use those foods to attack
the kids uh… senate right yet this is something
that the new york times recently wrote about and apparently in a recent survey of two
hundred fifty one sets of parents and children with food allergies publishing
pediatrics in january roughly a third of the children reported
being bullied further allergies parents knew about the threatening behavior only
hav of the time so in some cases are we have the bully
will try to see your peanut butter on the
face of their students who have to know now that she’s and we don’t have statistics on how
often it happens because this is a relatively new phenomenon but it shows you that this is something
that immediately because now what it goes
beyond being and making fun putting then select o when her nine reply uh… so now it’s not good either and we
should regulate on that too buttttt school extra step in taking the knots or
one of their allergic to and trying to put them in contact with that that is
deadly serious so he’s allergies are really really rough i mean i know uh… friends about it carolyn like needles for their kids to that if the in
olympics was tonight so whatever they got a cinema benito land the whole thing seem friend of mister if
some party as did if i have a kid that’s gotta malathion
luo once the rub piano bar on it kid s got another allergy men i hope the supervisor of the school
or aware of that and need to step on any existing like
this bullet like hot you know the but that sucks for you to get beyond it
right and then there’s a kind of a link that
might literally kill you i don’t know if i’m already so out of
touch from grade school that i don’t understand it but when i was in school it was never this vicious maybe up pretty bad in terms of
name-calling sometimes they would get a little physical but never took went where the bullying
weight put your life in danger yeah i mean i guess you didn’t have a
way of putting your life in danger back in every day when the weather here in
toronto and what are somewhat like a light you might not be doing like that
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get a lot of complicated stuff when you get nervous is apparent you don’t want
you know usage your at kids in that situation let my kids three and i worry
about a day care of the four girls push them around right media and he had another under the cover
that i would not scenario million by amin i don’t know what to do but i
got to get them out of that situation and i had a figure i don’t talk to their
parents and say legrand this is way beyond acceptable
because and the kids have to be made aware they are kids they’ve got to be
made aware about how serious is stuff this is like excuse me can see i think
arts no big deal hahaha allergy use these more no in some of these are
very severe you might actually go