Bullies Perspective//GachaLife//GLMM (Original?)

FiRe SpEadInG aLl RoUnd My rOoM My wOrLd sO bRiGht ItS hArd tO INHALE aNd EXHALE but its fine my dudes uwu Shut up DUNN DUN DUN DING DANG DOOM DONG DO BING BANG DOO DEE *INSERT MOUTHPOP* oH SHIT a SpoIlEd RaT bUT wIth A tWiSt ;)))))))))))))) *Rich unu A N D I O O P – O H Ew no Oh hey im still here Yikes 🙁 HoW wOuLd YoU KnOw xddddddd Um idk Kai maybe bullying? xddddddddddddddddddddddddd EW WOOOOOOOOSH