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A mom in San Antonio is speaking out after
thousands of people watched a video of her son getting beaten up. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Martini
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stories every single day. 8th grader Michael Ayala says he was threatened
by another student at school. He went to a coach to tell him to look out
for the bully, after which the coach said, “yeah I got you.” “All I heard is ‘I’m gonna beat you up after
school,’ and that’s when I told the coach.” But, the fight happened anyway, and the coach
failed to intervene. Now, Michael’s mom Valerie, and all of us,
want answers from the school district. She posted to Facebook: “The principal, my
son and I had a meeting the next morning. The Coach was called up to the front office
for the meeting and said he would be there and he never showed up.” She told reporters her son plans on transferring
schools, that he suffers from ADHD, anxiety and depression, and it’s even worse since
the fight. Valerie said that she wants the Facebook post
to go viral “so that something can be done.” And, so far, her strategy is working. The post has over 100,000 reactions and has
been shared over 250,000 times. Though the post’s comments have also been
overrun by its share of spammers. Because for some reason, people think it’s
a really good idea to let you know about Jumanji during a tragedy. The video of the confrontation has since been
taken down from Facebook. But, of course, because we are totally slooks
here at What’s Trending, we are bringing you snippets of that video. The Southwest Independent School District
is conducting an investigation into the situation, and so far some of their findings seem to
actually contradict Michael’s story. “But several students and parents tell us,
Michael is not the victim, but the bully who started the fight.” A commenter named Kelly wrote: “Tf Omar ain’t
no bully don’t say sh*t if you don’t know Omar personally stupid as b*tches.” Wow, Kelly. Tell us how you really feel! And Jared Wade wrote on Valerie’s Facebook:
“Then teach ur kid not to make death threats and racist comments towards another kid’s
mom. Teach ur kid to stop talking so much sh*t
and stop bullying other kids cause some kids don’t play when it comes to their MOM!!!” On one side, maybe Michael was bullying
this other kid and then eventually kind of led to this whole mutual bullying situation. But does that then give any child or any person
in general the right to start throwing punches? But also, I guess they’re 8th graders and
you might say well 8th graders, of course, you’re gonna have excess energy and maybe
take out stuff on other people, but did you see how much blood that kid was toting? I mean literally it looked like a scene from
a scary movie. The school district has not tweeted about
the incident, but they did release a statement, which reads: “On Thursday, Jan. 25, around
3 p.m., two students engaged in a mutual altercation that was immediately intervened by an SWISD
police officer. We cannot disclose disciplinary actions taken
against the students, but we can say both parties did comply with the officer’s directives.” I don’t know if this even makes it better,
but at the very least it was kind of a mutual altercation, which means Michael’s not totally
blameless in this situation. Or, they have absolutely no idea because in
any type of traumatic situation everybody has different opinions on what they saw, and
so they’re just gonna try and cover their asses at this point. Middle school fights or any fights in general,
are gonna happen, but I think with social media, it now gives people an instant opportunity
to take pictures or videos of what’s happening and then post it online for either feedback
or just for the thrill of doing that, so they can be the person to out the situation. It makes conflict very awkward at times. On a personal note, I as a kid was bullied,
and I found that having somebody who was a teacher to talk to actually completely improved
my situation. The teacher addressed the situation with the
person or the people who were bullying me and that went away. And I feel really sad for Michael if in this
situation he was feeling bullied and didn’t have that solace and somebody who’s in a higher
position to go to to get the protection that he deserved. Do you think violence is ever justified if
somebody is being a bully? Personally, I don’t think it should ever come
to punches. Once it gets to punches and blows, then you
way lost an opportunity to teach a kid about a situation and really rectify it, too. Let us know in the comments though, cause
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