Bullied Cat Has Been Hiding Her Kittens? (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Slurp, slurp Tmw you’d go to the water fountain at school, just to catch that cute girl or boy in the hallway Winter (the cat) is the school bully Winter keeps ostracizing Summer, so harshly! I don’t know why these two are on Kritter Klub, they should go on Jerry Springer To find out where Summer goes.. Over the river and through the woods, To grandmother’s house we go~ Her kittens were still alive?! This one right hurr omg.. Summer was running away to her kittens For reals..WoW Summer..what in the world You really are something I’m sorry for not knowing your heart Seeing how she has kittens I can’t leave her alone And so, the rescue begins! A cage with snacks And Summer’s crying voice I hear my voice Must’ve been hungry Are you filming me? Kittens follow suit Other kitten gets cold feet And last but not least Despite Winter’s poor treatment of Summer She came multiple times a day to breastfeed her kittens Makes a home for Summer and her kittens While Winter will stay put Winter also became family I’ll let them stay here Summer’s house will be in the back I’ll have to keep a close eye on both houses But I’m sure they’ll have a happy ending