Buboy saves Tonton from harm | Starla (With Eng Subs)

Buboy, behave yourself. I don’t want to get called in
on your first day. That won’t happen! Thanks again, Daddy Greggy. Thanks again, Daddy Greggy. I’m your father now. It’s my responsibility
to send you to school. You don’t have to thank me. Okay. I see you’re not carrying
your firefly. Oh, that’s right. Here it is. Hello, Mister Greggy.
Good morning! You’re silly. – Go on ahead.
– Okay. So, should I come
fetch you later? It’s okay.
I can get home on my own. Okay. Alright! Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! [SCREAMING] – Tonton! Hey, pal!
– Come back here! You better run! Tonton is in danger! Come here, fatty! We’ve got you now! Hey! What are you doing? Buboy, what’s going on? Don’t hurt my friend! Aren’t you Mister Greggy’s kid?
He’s a cranky old man! That’s right! And Attorney Tere is my sister! Do you want to go to jail? She’s a lawyer! You really wanna fight?! Alright! Come on! Thank goodness. You were amazing, pal! That was scary. I was just trying
to scare them off. They actually bought it. – Let’s go.
– Yeah. [LAUGHS] [KIDS GIGGLING] Jepoy. Thanks for helping me
earlier, buddy. If you weren’t there,
they would’ve beaten me up. Why do they want to
beat you up, anyway? Those kids are
just troublemakers. They’re always picking on me because they know
I don’t have a father, so no one will defend me. Why don’t you tell your mom? She has enough
problems already. I don’t want to
add to it anymore. They don’t always
catch me, anyway. And you’re here now, buddy.
Someone’s got my back. Good morning, class! – Good morning, Teacher Agnes!
– Good morning, Teacher Agnes! Okay, please take your seats
and arrange your chairs. Are you ready, class? – Yes, Ma’am!
– Yes, Ma’am! Before we start, I want you to meet your
new classmate, Buboy. Let’s give him
a warm welcome. [APPLAUSE] Buboy, please introduce
yourself to the class.