BREAKING UP WITH MY CHEATING BOYFRIEND! | Roblox Roleplay | Bully Series Episode 13

Alex[Girl] :(deep breath) Alex[G]:Okay, just deep breaths, deep breaths. It-It’s going to be okay Alex[G]:(sighs) Alex[G]:I’m not very good with breakups. I wish I didn’t have to break up with him, but Alex[G]:(sigh) Alex[G]:(sigh) What am I supposed to do? Alex[G]:hi alex Alex[G]:(gasp) Alex[G]:He’s right there Alex[Boy]:Hello? Alex[B]:Hey! Alex[B]:Come in! Alex[G]:H-hey… Alex[B]:Y-you don’t have to knock on the door! You live here Alex[G]:y-Yeah, l-listen Alex… Alex[B]yeah what is it Alex[B]: What is it? Alex[G]:Uhm, can we talk? Alex[B]:uhhhh Alex[B]:S-sure! come this way! Alex[G]:Okay… Alex[B]:Uhhh what is it babe? Alex[G]:Listen Alex… Alex[G]:I-I know about Vanessa.. Alex[B]:What do you mean? Alex[G]:…I know that you’ve been seeing her… Alex[G]:I know that you still like her! Alex[B]:What? I dont like Vanessa! Alex[G]: Yeah you do, Alex! Alex[B]:What are you talking about? You’re scaring me? Alex[B]:Did Vanessa say something to you? Alex[G]:Alex I know you haven’t been loyal. Alex[B]:What? Alex[G]:You havent been loyal! You cheated on me! Alex[B]:What? Alex[B]:Baby, I didnt–I didnt cheat on you! Alex[G]:Yes, you did Alex[B]:babe, no Alex[B]:Please what did Vanessa tell you? Alex[G]:Vanessa, didn’t tell me anything Alex[B]:What? Who did? Alex[G]:It doesn’t matter who told me okay?! The person who told me showed me proof! You were with Vanessa at that café yesterday! Alex[B]:uh Alex[G]:Yeah! You see? You can’t deny it! You were with her! Alex[B]:uhhh I… Alex[G]:Don’t lie to me Alex[B]:Yeah, I I was with her…but Alex[G]:ughh, that’s enough Alex! Alex[B]:Baby come back! Alex[G]:Don’t call me baby ever again. You know what? Alex[B]:W-what? Alex[G]:It’s OVER! Im breaking up with you! Alex[B]:(Gasp) Alex[B]:What?! No!? Alex[B]:Babe! No! Alex[B]You can’t do this to me! I love you! Alex[G]:No you dont! Alex[G]:If you really loved me you wouldn’t have cheated on me, but you did Alex[B]:B-Baby…! Alex[B]:I didnt…I didn’t cheat on you! I promise! Alex[B]:Please! Don’t–don’t go okay. I can explain! Alex[G]:There’s nothing to explain Alex. I saw everything! I saw the proof. I know you kissed her Alex[B]:No, you don’t understand! Alex[G]:Did you and Vanessa kiss? Alex[B]:U-uhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh Alex[G]:Did you and Vanessa kiss? Alex[B]:Well…. Alex[B]:Yeah Alex[B]:w-we did but Alex[B]:She- Alex[G]:-No! Ive heard enough! I-Ive heard enough Alex[G]:It’s over Alex! Alex[B]:Baby! Alex[B]:Please! Please you-you cant do this! I love you Alex[G]:No, its over! Alex[G]:I can’t be with someone who just cheats on me like that! Alex[G]:after everything we went through Alex[G]:I really thought you loved me Alex.. Alex[G]:But I guess you don’t! Alex[G]:And it’s over Alex[G]:Don’t try following me. You’re just gonna make things worse Alex[B]:babe! Alex[B]:no! ughhhh Alex[B]:How could you ughhharggggg? Alex[G]:(gasp in relief) I cant believe I did it. I did it. I broke up with him. Oh no Alex[G]:I really wish things didn’t have to go this way, but Alex[G]:He shouldn’t have cheated on me. This is all his fault Alex[G]:(sigh of sadnesss) Alex[B]:No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!! Alex[B]:eughhh Alex[B]:No! Alex[B]:She can’t do this to me! Alex[B]:(Constant noises of Alex Panicing) Alex[B]:Wha– Alex[B]:That nerd! Alex[B]:It was that nerd! that nerd did this! argg I’m gonna teach him a lesson! Alex[B]:I can’t stand Vanessa. Alex[B]:ughghhg Alex[B]:It was all because of her she ruined my relationship Alex[B]:This is exactly what she wanted Alex[B]:I’m Gonna kill my brother. I know he’s the one who told Alex[B]:He must’ve been the one who was seeing us at the cafe! And I lost the love of my life because of him Alex[B]:UGHGHHGHG Alex[B]:I need to make a phone call (ring ring) Guy #1:Hello? Alex[B]: Hey, it’s me. Guy #1: Oh hey! What’s up? Alex[B]: Dude! I need you to come over to my house immediately! Guy #1: oh, what’s up? Alex[B]: My girlfriend just broke up with me! Can you just, come by! quickly! Guy #1: uhh All right, I guess Guy #1: Should I bring the others with me? Alex[B]: Uh Yeah, I guess whatever Guy #1: Alright we’re on our way Guy #1: Hey! We need to go by Alex’s house Guy #2: Okay Guy #1: Alright we’ll see you there! Alex[B]: Alright bye. Alex[B]:ughhhhhhhhhhhh (Alex’s Memories) Alex[Boy]:Uh Alex[B]:Hey Alex[G]:Hey Alex[G]:Why is my bully talking to me um? Alex[G]:What is it? What are you are you gonna Alex[G]:Fight me in here too?- Alex[B]- uh I guess uh I guess I’m sorry for hurting you oh Alex[G]:Really what the boiler just just said just a boy just apologized to me. Alex[Boy]:Yeah, I guess Alex[G]:Oh,well, I guess I’m sorry too for fighting Back Alex[G]:I didn’t mean to hurt you Alex[B]Nah,but.. Alex[G]:But? Alex[B]:You’re pretty strong Alex[G]:oh Alex[G]:Thanks, I guess Alex[G]:What we wait, wait, wait, wait, why am I what is wrong with me that thing is my bully Alex[B]:no problem Alex[G]:so um Alex[G]:Why me why did you? Alex[B]:You seem like the type of girl to pick on Alex[G]:Really? Alex[B]:Do you want to hang out? Alex[G]:Did the bully just ask-did the bully just ask me to… Alex[G]:I should probably say no do you see no Alex[B]:you seem pretty cool? I should I? Alex[G]:Sure do although. I should have probably said no, k-kiss?!, Girl :Alex why would you do that?That’s Super gross!! Alex[G]:What was that for Alex? Alex[G]:Alex and I decided to just chill here and talk things out and- (Giggles) Alex[G]:And now hopefully things will go very well Alex[B]:I Couldn’t stop thinking about you. Alex[G]:Well that makes me really happy Alex[G]:Okay, so I think we should go now Alex[B]:You-uh…W-will you b-be my…Will you be my girlfriend? Alex[G]:(Gasps)Oh Alex[G]:Alex just asked me to be his girlfriend. Alex[G]:We’re gonna play it cool. What’d I say? Alex[G]:I’d love to your girlfriend so that means were dating wrong, but all that means he’s my boyfriend now(Memories Ends) Guy #1:Hey, dude Alex[Bully]:Hey Alex[B]:You just helped yourself in my house Guy #1:Yeah, you don’t mind Guy #2:Hey, dude Guy #2What happened? Are you okay? Alex[B]:No I’m not okay! My girl, Just broke up with me Guy #1:Whoa, dude? Oh Guy #1: oh… sorry to hear that Guy #3:Okay, I’m late Alex[B]: dude. She thinks I cheated on her. I didn’t! Alex[B]:Vanessa kissed me. I never kissed Vanessa,Guy #1:dude. You can find another girl Alex[B]:I don’t want another girl! Alex[B]:You guys don’t understand Guy #1:Yeah, we do understand Guy #2:Yeah, we’ve never seen you so much in love Guy #3:Before not even was Vanessa dude that chick hot oh Guy #1:Sorry about that. I was just suggesting Guy #2:Who told her Alex[B]:I think it was my brother? Alex[B]:He likes her Guy #2:OH! him! Guy #1: I hate him Alex[B]:That nerd he needs to pay Alex[B]:He made my girlfriend break up with me, and it’s all because his fault. Guy #2 YEAH!He needs to pay Alex[B]:I know where he lived we have to teach him a lesson Guy #1:Hey, I got an idea. Let’s tell alex. That He likes her and blow his cover Alex[B]:Well, I don’t know if that would be a good idea Alex[B]:Maybe she will run up to him. You know said he helped her through Guy #3:Why would he do that? He’s your brother. Alex[B]:I hate my brother even more. Guy #1:Yeah, let’s go Get him dude Alex[B]:Let’s go Alex[B]:Now come on Alex[B]:Come on boys! We’re Gonna get that nerd Guy #3: Oh Yeah, hey wait for me wait for me!! Guy #3:Hey!! Alex[B]:Hurry up Alex[B]:All right, let’s give this nerd a lesson come on guys Alex[B]:Let’s go Guy #1:You sure we have the right house? Alex[B]:Yup, I know exactly where he lives. Guy #1:Hey, open up Alex[Nerd]:Hey! You can’t come in my house like that! Guy #2: Open up, nerd! Alex[N]:What is it?!What,what? Alex[N]:Come in Alex[N] You need help or anything? Alex[B]:I know it was you! Alex[N]:You… What? What? What are you talking about? Alex[N]:What did I do? Alex[B]:You told Alex about Vanessa! Alex[N]:Who are these guys? Alex[B]:These are my friends… Alex[N]:But she had to know Alex[B]:She didn’t have to know! Alex[N]:Yes she did! Alex[B]:You don’t know what happened. You don’t know exactly what happened. You’re just assuming a gene on her Alex[N]:Yes, I do. I saw it.Alex[B]: I never cheat on her. Alex[B]She broke up with me because of you! Alex[N]:I-I saw you! Alex[N]:Hey, what are you guys doing? Alex[B]:It’s all your fault. Alex[N]:Your were with Vanessa! Alex[N]:I have to tell Alex! Alex[B]:It’s all your fault because of you. I lost the love of my life Alex[N]:You cheated on Alex! Alex[B]:Get him, boys. Guy #2:No, he didn’t! Alex[B]:Get him! Alex[N]:Ahhh!!(Fighting noises) Alex[N]:No, please don’t hurt me!(Broken noises) Alex[B]:Punch him in the face!(Fighting noises) Alex[N]:Ow!Ow! Alex[N]:Please! Don’t! Alex[B]:You nerd, I knew I never like you in the first place. Alex[N]:Please! Alex[N]:Alex, we’re brothers! Alex[B]: You end my relationship with my girlfriend Alex[B]:And it’s all your fault Alex[N]:But you cheat on her! Guy #1:I’m not gonna leave you until your completely hurt! Alex[N]:You’re Gonna. Give me a bloody eye. Ow!! Alex[B]:We’re only teaching you a little lesson. I will teach you not to mess with me or my Alex[B]:girlfriend, Alex[N]:well Alex[N]:She’s not your girlfriend now is she?? Alex[B]:Hey! Alex[N]:Aghhh!! Alex[N]:Please…!! Alex[N]:Hey… Alex[N]:Ahh!!! Guy #2: Throw him in the pool throw him in the pool.Guy #1: I got a better plan I Gonna throw you in the lake Alex[N]:no, please ah Alex[B]:Let’s push him. Alex[N]:NOO!! Alex[B]:Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Alex[N]: NOOO, please Alex[N]:My phone!! I had my phone in my pocket no, Alex[B]:ha ha you deserve it. Alex[B]:Let’s go, just leave him there Guy #1:Huh good idea, Alex[B]:huh get that nerd what he deserved ha ha ha ha let’s take his taco Alex[B]:I’m Kinda hungry. Guy #1:Oh,Yeah, good idea dude. Look at how much tacos he have it.Alex[B]: Take all of these tacos. I’m hungry Alex[N]:You monsters!! Alex[B]: hey, how’d you get out that Lake!? Alex[N]:STOP!!! Alex[B]:No, you deserve that Alex[N]: you gave me a black eye. Alex!! Alex[N]:How am I supposed to show up to school tomorrow? Alex[B]:Skip school move out. I don’t care dude you just try to kick me! Guy #1:Don’t worry. I’ll grab him alex Guy #2HAH!What a nerd?Alex[B]: bring him in the room and tie him up tie him up I don’t want to see him at school tomorrow!!>:) Alex[B]:He’s Gonna tell Alex. What I did Alex[N]:AH no! Alex[N]:please!! Alex[N]:No!!!! Alex[B]:damn! Alex[N]:No, please let me go Guy #1:Should I throw him off the Balcony Alex[B]:Uhh… Alex[B]: I-I didn’t say that Alex[N]:AHH HELP!AGH HELP!! Guy #2:Wait, let’s throw him off that’ll break his legs Alex[B]:no, Guy #2:Think you want to teach him a lesson Alex[B]:Yeah, just- Alex[N]:-if I fall I might die.. if I fall!! Alex[N]:please!! Alex[B]:wait, duh, Alex[B]:No! you just go to your room, okay? Alex[B]:Guys don’t be so hard on him Guy #1:you told us to do that Guy #2: fine leave him alone. Guy #2:Whatever you say. He’s a nerd Guy #2:you should have let us push him off the roof Alex[N]:ALEX! Alex[B]:Guys go to the kitchen let me deal with him Guy #2:Are you sure about that garlic kitchen? Alex[B]: I am going to deal with him myself Guy #2:Fine, I’m just tying him up just like you just said!!Alex[B]: now go Guy #2:fine, whatever Alex[B]:(Sigh) Alex[N]:OWww! Alex[B]:How are you? Alex[N]:How am I I’m not fine?! Alex[N]:You just hurt me!!Alex[B]: look. I just want to know if you’re okay Alex[N]:Why do you care? You just beat me up? Alex[N]:just go away ! Alex[B]:If You need anything just let me know okay? Alex[N]:I don’t care! Alex[B]:Are,are you hurt? Alex[B]:I Just need to make sure before I- Alex[N]:-I am fine, okay?! Alex[N]:Leave me alone Alex[N]:Just go away and leave me alone Alex[B]:Fine, I just want to make sure you are okay, Alex[B]:I Didn’t mean I hurt you Alex[N]: yeah, right… -_- Alex[N]:Get out of here. I thought you were my brother Alex[N]:I hate you!!! Alex[B]:What?Alex[N]: I hate you get out of here!! Alex[B]:You’re just saying that!Alex[N]: no get out!! Alex[N]:now! Alex[N]:before I call the police! Alex[B]:I just wanted to make sure that you were okay! Alex[B]:ARGHH EYY!! hey don’t don’t paper at me Alex[N]: get out of here Alex[B]: ah fine! Alex[B]:you nerd I don’t care ! Alex[B]:All right guys Guy #1:how the hell is he Guy #2:heyy i really like his painting Alex[B]: let’s go. Guy #2 :oh!Right! Alex[B]: come on! Guy #1:How’s the nerd you tie him up? Alex[B]:Yeah, he’s tied up oh Alex[N]:I Feel so bad for telling my brother. I hate him, but he hurt me… Alex[N]:I Never thought he would do that! Alex[N]:How could you do that to me? I thought we were brothers. Alex[B]:I hope I didn’t hurt him or anything. Guy #2:You’re alright man? Alex[B]:Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s just go home alright? Alex[Girl]:Alex Alex Alex[G]:Hello? Alex[Nerd]:Alex up here.Alex[G]:Alex where are you?Alex[N]: up here!! Alex[N]:Hurry, Alex[G]:(Gasps)ALEX! Alex[N]:Hey Alex[G]:Are you okay? What did they do to you? Alex[N]:I’m not okay Alex[N]:It was Alex Alex[N]:He hurt me Alex[G]:Why did he hurt you?Alex[N]: Oh, I don’t know!.. Alex[N]:He brought his group of friends, and they all hurt me and they were about to push me off Alex[G]:What?! Alex[G]:They did this to you? Alex[N]:Yeah Alex[N]:And it really hurt Alex[G]:They even tie you up. Why would they do this to you? Alex[N]:They almost threw me off the roof! Alex[G]:Why would they do that? I didn’t know alex was capable of doing such a thing Alex[N]:he’s a bully Alex[G]:Yeah, everybody always told me that he was a bully, but I never saw him like that. He was always so nice to me Alex[N]:Yeah, he’s only nice to you Alex[N]:Because he loves you and they said I deserved it for telling you what they did Alex[G]:But all you did was just telling you the truth Alex[N]:Yeah, that’s what I try to tell them Alex[N]:I’m just Alex[N]:I’m upset ! Alex[N]:I thought,I thought Alex[N]:We were brothers! Alex[G]:You are brothers,Alex[N]: no! Alex[N]:You see what he did to me! Alex[G]:Yeah, he gave you a black eye Alex[N]:He said that I got it wrong, but I saw him what he said not Alex[G]:What? Alex[N]:He didn’t cheat on you, but I know he did Alex[G]:yeah, I know you wouldn’t lie to me, and I always had a bad feeling about Vanessa and Alex and Alex[G]:when and when your friend showed me that video I was really upset Alex[G]: I Didn’t know how to react Alex[G]:I’ve never been cheated on Alex[N]:Yeah, well Alex[N]:Alex is a bully and he cheat on you, and you don’t deserve him you deserve much better Alex[N]:I’m here for you. Can’t you see? Alex[G]:Come here Alex[N]:What is it? Alex[G]: I’m really sorry for what your brother Did Alex[N]:you don’t understand? Alex[N]:He is so mean Alex[N]:He did this on purpose.Alex[G]: I know he did. I just didn’t know that he would hurt you like that Alex[N]:I’m sorry Alex[N]:alex Alex[N]:You deserve much better than him. There’s other guys out there Alex[N]:That could treat you better Alex[N]:Trust me Alex[G]:Really?Alex[N]: Yeah like Who?. Alex[N]:(Mind:Oh man, Alex[N]:What am I supposed to do am I gonna? Tell her? That I like her? I don’t know! Alex[N]:Uhh..) Alex[N]:I don’t know so just there’s,there’s guys out there Alex[N]:Yeah, yeah Alex[G]:Anyway, yeah, you need help with anything else Alex. You want me to help you with your black eye Alex[N]:No, I’m fine.Alex[G]: Are you gonna be able to go to school tomorrow like that? Alex[N]:Yeah, I think Alex[G]:you’ll be okay, Alex[N]:I Hope so Alex[G]:Don’t worry if you need anything call me, okay?Alex[N]: Yeah Alex[N]:For sure. Thank you for coming over. Alex[G]:It’s no problem Alex[G]:It was nice to see you, and I hope you’re okay. I’ll see you later. Alex[N]:Yeah Alex[N]:I’ll see you later. Bye.Alex[G]:Bye Alex Alex[N]:(Mind:Oh, I’m so stupid Alex[N]:Why didn’t i tell her what i felt? Alex[N]:Why didn’t I just tell her that I love her? Alex[N]:Why? why am I so shy? Alex[N]:whoa ah) Alex[G]:I just can’t believe Alex is such a bully everybody tried to tell me but I never listened Alex[G]:This was all my fault Alex[G]:I should have believed on in the first place Alex[Boy]:I Can’t believe what happened ! Alex[B]:I Don’t have a girlfriend anymore because of him, but I almost hurt my brother Alex[B]:And I was really angry, but I was really mad at him Alex[B]:He ruined my relationship, and he doesn’t even know the truth Alex[B]:If only you would have let me tell him the truth…ughhhh Alex[B]:I feel s-so bad Alex[B]:…I need to tell Alex. I need to tell her what really happened! Alex[B]:Don’t worry, baby. You’ll know the truth…sooner or later, you’ll know the truth (music) Don’t forget to subscribe(Click the little bell)For Alex!,Share and like this video!=D