BREAKING: China Makes Aggressive W*ar Move On Navy Ships And Aircraft

Australian Navy Says Chinese Military Fired
Blinding Lasers At Pilots In South China Sea By JonDougherty
Officials with the Australian military say that their navy pilots were targeted with
lasers as they flew over the South China Sea near manufactured islands built by China in
recent days. The South China Morning Post reported that,
according to officials aboard the Australian warship HMAS Canberra, the pilots were hit
by lasers during a cruise from Vietnam to Singapore, during which time they were shadowed
by a Chinese warship.The Australian Defense Force said, “Assets operating across the
region have observed an increase in the use of handheld lasers by some vessels.” In the current incident, helicopter pilots
flying from the HMAS Canberra were marked with lasers as they took part in the months-long
Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019 exercise. “With regards to the incident mentioned
… the Royal Australian Navy pilots involved were examined as a precautionary measure and
cleared of any injury by medical staff.” China has become more assertive in the region
in recent years as part of Beijing’s effort to gain control over a vast and vital shipping
lane. The U.S. Navy, meanwhile, has stepped up its
presence patrols in the region and has been working with allies including Australia, the
UK, Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea to push back against Chinese expansionism. La Trobe Asia director Euan Graham was one
of several academics who were aboard the HMAS Canberra as it moved from Vietnam to Singapore. He noted that the ship was shadowed by a Chinese
warship and “helicopter pilots had lasers pointed at them from passing fishing vessels.” China has been accused of operating a maritime
militia that includes fishing trawlers that carry out reconnaissance, intelligence and
other missions in the South China Sea, the South China Morning Post reported. “The reason for vessels using the lasers
is unknown but it may be to draw attention to their presence in congested waterways,”
the Australian military said. China claims nearly all of the South China
Sea, known to be rich in fishing, mineral, and oil resources. Last year, China rejected claims by the U.S.
that two of its pilots were struck with lasers while operating in Djibouti, where both countries
have bases. The Djibouti base is China’s first overseas
military installation. Experts have testified to Congress that they
don’t believe it is big enough for Beijing to project power, but rather is primarily
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