Bradley Whitford Is Creeped Out By Kids Dressing Up As His ‘Get Out’ Character

– Do you ever see kids
dressed up as y’all, like from “Pitch Perfect” or anything? – I get very creeped out when I see kids (laughing) dressed up as like my
character from “Get Out.” Seems a little. – No.
– Scary. – [Bradley] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Why are children watching that? (laughing) – Like that film gave me nightmares. I loved it, but then I was like, whoa. – Yeah, you don’t want
to see a nine-year-old in a turtleneck. (laughing)
(clapping) – Or do you, or do you? (laughing)
(clapping) – I heard, okay speaking of Halloween, I heard that you have
like a scary ghost story. – I do, I do, I just got back from shooting a little movie in Mexico. And we went to this very small town outside of Mexico City called Cuernavaca. And we stayed in this
very, very old hacienda. It’s built in the 1500s. And we rented out the whole place. So there were no other
guests staying there. And I had a night-shoot, so I was walking around
the hacienda by myself, like outside on the balcony
trying to get service. And I feel somebody touch
my face and I freak out. And I run back to my hotel room and I’m like, “Leave me
alone, leave me alone, “what just happened?” – Nope. – And then as I’m in the hotel room, it’s thundering and lightning
and the power goes out. – [Kelly] Sure. – So I scream at the top of my lungs, I go I can’t take this anymore. I’m like, “Leave me alone,
I love it here, I’m not mad. “Why are you mad at me?” (laughing) And I go down to the lobby
after the power comes on and he’s like, “Oh so
that was Hernan Cortes.” – [Kelly] What? – And I said, “Excuse me?” (laughing) I was like, “So you know this guy?” – I love that someone
was like, “Oh that’s.” – He’s apparently the founder of Mexico and he haunts that hacienda and that has happened to people before.