Boys Don’t Cry | White Ribbon PSA

[crying] It’s okay, it’s okay. Yeah. You got it? Pick it up with your big strong
muscles and bring it over here to the shop. Boys can be loving. That’s it, that’s it. There you go. Fast! Fast! Fast! Fast! Fast! Fast! I need you to be brave! Okay? You gotta go. Boys can be shy. Boys can be sad. Why are you crying? Boys don’t cry, right honey? Be a big boy, please. [laughing] Boys can be self-conscious. Boys can be intelligent. [clapping] Loser! [shouting, screaming] But boys can’t be afraid. Boys can’t be gentle. I don’t understand what the big deal is. I
mean, isn’t this just boys being boys? Boys can’t be weak. Boys can’t be timid. Boys can’t be hurt. Boys can’t look soft. Boys can’t be powerless. Because boys don’t cry.