Bike Bully, Officer Mitch Mabry, COPS TV SHOW

Charges are for theft. All right? MAN: I already know that. OFFICER MABRY: Sounds good. MAN: Hey. OFFICER MABRY: Don’t– do
not kick the door open. MAN: Are you going
to take the cameras– OFFICER MABRY: I
told you not to– [MUSIC – INNER CIRCLE, “BAD
want, what you want? What you gonna do when Sheriff
John Brown come for you. OFFICER MABRY: So we
got a call originally came in as an armed robbery
when we came on scene. The kid said he had just
left his bike unsecured. That’s when the subject walked
up, took the bike and rode off. At the time, while I’m
actually talking to the kid, the other officers
were telling me that they found the guy
in the middle of the road as he ran across the street. Can you see from here? CHILD: Yes, sir. That’s him. The same thing on his head. Same jacket. Same Jeans. OFFICER MABRY: Well
let’s look at his– CHILD: Same wallet chain. And everything. OFFICER MABRY: OK. Do you recognize his face? CHILD: Yes. OFFICER MABRY:
That’s the same guy? CHILD: Same beard. Same everything. And the same mustache, you know. OFFICER MABRY:
Officers detained him. We interviewed him, and he came
up with the unlikely story. He was saying that
he knew the kid. He said he gave me
the bike for free, and that he was lying to us,
that the victim made this all up. MAN: He’s lying. OFFICER MABRY: Where did
Max give you the bike at? MAN: Right there, when
I asked him for $2. OFFICER MABRY: Right where? Can you tell me where? MAN: He said, I have this bike. You can have this bike right
there in front of the [BLEEP].. When we get out– when they’re getting
out of the pen express. OFFICER MABRY: OK. MAN: Now, the door
where they’re going out is where I was standing. And I asked him if he
had a couple of bucks so I could get something to eat. He said, all I got is this bike. You want his bike? I’m gonna put it right here. OFFICER MABRY: Is that normal? That people just hand someone
else their bike for nothing? MAN: It’s not normal. OFFICER MABRY: I agree. He was crying. He would not stop screaming
about being innocent, check the cameras, and that
he didn’t do anything at all. MAN: You’re going to
[BLEEP] take me to jail, no questions asked. Without checking
no cameras, you’re going to do that [BLEEP]. Without checking
nothing, no evidence. OFFICER MABRY: Do
you have a camera that you videotaped
the whole thing? MAN: Oh, yeah. OFFICER MABRY: Where? MAN: At the Panda Express. Go look at the cameras. OFFICER MABRY: They
don’t have cameras. MAN: Now, so I’m arrested. Now It’s his word against mine. I know the routine. OFFICER MABRY: He’s
actually had a lot of priors for aggravated
assault on police and other people and
disorderly conduct. And he wouldn’t put his
foot inside of the door, so he was just
being more unruly. So I actually had to push him
back further within the vehicle in order to get the
door shut really quickly before he could keep kicking. OFFICER MABRY: Don’t– do
not keep the door open. MAN: Are you going
to check the cameras? OFFICER MABRY: I
told you about that. I told you about that. [SLAMMING] [GRUNTING] MAN: [BLEEP] beat
me up for no reason. Mother-Mother-[BLEEP],, you can’t
even check the cameras. You’re just listening to
that little white boy, because you’re a white boy too. OFFICER MABRY: Sounds good. MAN: Yeah, yeah. You know what it is. OFFICER MABRY: Have a good day. He continued to kick at the
window and the bars in the car, I was told, all the
way down to the jail. It turns out that this
actually the third time that that kid has called in. His bike had been stolen
two times previously. He was really thankful
that police were there. He made it a point
to shake my hand. And what kid wouldn’t be
happy to get their bike back. OFFICER: So the
reason why you were driving like that was because
you were mad because you lost– MAN: One hand in poker. OFFICER: Yeah. MAN: And I don’t
know what it is, but fat women are
like, my nemesis. And I knew it right when
she came to the table. I’m like, this lady’s
gonna take me out. And she did, man. OFFICER: And she took you out? MAN: For sure. She had some miracle card.