Beyond Scared Straight: You Wanna Be Grown (Season 3 Flashback) | A&E

[music playing] I’m going to flip the script. Give me this. Because you got this bitch
right here want to be a hoe. I’m going to let her
know what happen when she come down on ninth street. Open that up. Let me show you how you
do this, you dumb [bleep].. Take this. You know what to do with it. Take the Kool-Aid part. Yeah, you want to be
grown jumping out of cars. You know what to do with it. Stick it in there! Now put it on your [bleep] lips! Your lips! Not your mouth! You want to be grown. Put it in there again! Put it on your cheeks
this time [bleep].. Now you grown, you
want to be a hoe? You a little [bleep] girl! I don’t give a [bleep]
about you fixing to cry! That don’t mean
no [bleep] to me. Where your mom at? Paralyzed. INMATE 1: She paralyzed! And you doing the
[bleep] you do? I ain’t got no mama! And you abusing your mama! She paralyzed and you
taking advantage of her. Your mama paralyzed, sweetheart. You a kid! You shouldn’t be out
there jumping in cars, selling your body. If I knew you out there
and saw you jump in a car, I would beat your ass
and beat whoever ass that jumped that you get into. If I was getting out of here
soon, you’ll give me a name. Ain’t they older than 21? 20? That’s rape! They raping you! Whether you willing to giving
it to them or not, that’s rape! And when it come to a person
taking advantage of a kid, [bleep] authority. I deal with it in my own way. You about ready make me cry. This [bleep] real! Don’t you know
your mama love you? If I had somebody
to talk to me like I’m talking to y’all, my dumb
ass wouldn’t be here either. I just got out and back already. For one week! I done been to
penitentiary 17 times. I been coming in and out
of this county longer than them officers up there. I’m tired of this, man! It’s time for me to get my
43-year-old life together. Quit acting like a
kid doing kid [bleep]!! I’m a convict. I need help! And so do y’all need help.
Don’t you need help? Yeah. Don’t you need help? Don’t you need help? I always have an old saying,
“for each one, teach one, I hope I save one.” I hope I save one of y’all. I really prefer
saving all y’all. But I know eventually,
I’m going to see one of y’all in here again. It’s going to be you homie. I’m going to see you in here. And when you come in here,
hustle man over there got you. I got you. All right fellas. Thank you. Head out that way. [music playing] WOMAN (ON RADIO): [inaudible] [music playing] POLICE OFFICER 1:
Now, we’re going to take you through a tour, so
you get to see the facility. Wipe your tears. Don’t want to see them crying. POLICE OFFICER 1:
Wipe your tears. A lot of these guys haven’t
seen girls besides our guards in a long time. POLICE OFFICER 1:
Same rules apply. Keep your hands to your side. My man. Unball your fist. POLICE OFFICER 2: We’re going
to go down to our annex. These are two 40-man pods. And they hold up to
40 inmates at a time. Two people in a cell. Whatever you do, don’t
smile in here with these guys. POLICE OFFICER 1:
Right over here. Y’all can sit over there. [interposing voices] POLICE OFFICER 2: This
is where 40 of them live. 20 on top, 20 on bottom. [interposing voices] INMATE 2: [inaudible] this
ain’t where you want to be at! Where you going? [buzzer rings] [interposing voices] INMATE 3: Like me, it’s a game? Does this look like a game? INMATE 4: Boy.
POLICE OFFICER 1: Get up! Let’s go.
Let’s go.