Beta Bully – Character Sheets recreated mission

You return so soon? Your quest is not complete, knave. You return so soon? Have you fulfilled your oath? How do you keep this up? You’re absurd, Melvin. How do you keep this up? This is the funniest piece of paper I’ve ever had. I didn’t know you played nerd-games, Jimmy. I’m going to play a game on your face, buster! How do you like them marbles? Eat marbles, nerd lover! Have a nice trip, see you next fall! Walk much? Have a nice trip, see you next fall! Eat marbles, nerd lover! You can’t catch me from over there, nerd! Then I guess I better come over there. You run like my crippled grandma. I’m going to have to whip your legs. Come on, atleast try to catch me. God, you are annoying. Some hero you are. Come on, I’m right here. Yeah, but you keep running scared when I get close. What? You forgot your plus-speedy-boots or whatever? You know this stuff pretty well, huh? See you! See you! Almost caught me. You really do care, don’t you? Dude, you’re slow. I’m done running. Now I beat you. Yeah, whatever. You’re going down! Hey! What’s with the unfair fighting? Hey! What’s with the unfair fighting? Hey! That’s cheating! Stop that! You won’t miss this, you can always reroll. Why don’t you just take it, huh? Oh… come on! There’s no such thing as magic, dweeb. Why do you have to be so mean? Because it’s incredibly amusing. Come on, please. Give it back. You got a character sheet I need, give it up. Or else what? Or else I’ll kick your ass, like this. Oh, no! I can’t stand violence! Get that ogre, slay him! That’s what you get for messing with the wrong people, and don’t you forget it. Sheesh… Oh look, it’s Melkor the Brute, corruptor of women. So… like, you’re pretty cute and stuff. Gee, thanks. You’re a smooth one. Do you read manga? No. I like your outfit. My school uniform? Lucky for you, you’re in a school with uniforms then. Huh? So… you want to go out on a date sometime? No. I guess I’ll just stand here and hope you’ll change your mind. Knock yourself out. How about now? No! You! What are you looking at? Get out of here! That is so not going to impress me. What, you think you’re a ninja or something? Prefect! This guy is trying to start a fight! Prefect! This guy is trying to start a fight! Help! I’m being bullied! I thought you were trying to be tough… I thought you were trying to be tough… Crybaby. What a bunch of idiots. Why can’t you boys behave like normal human beings? What a bunch of idiots. I can’t wait until I go to college. Who did that?! You! Ugly kid! You’re in serious trouble now! It wasn’t me, and I’m not ugly. And this would be… Heffe the Insiduous, mage of the dark star. Sheesh. Help, we’re being bullied! Please, help us Jimmy! All right, you wanna-be nerds, hand over the stolen character sheets. I’ll aid you in your battle against evil! Here, I brought you a drink. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks, boys. All right you’ve got something of Melvin’s, give it up. All right, I’ll give it to you if you beat my friend in a little game. What game? He kicks you in the nuts, then you kick him in the nuts, until one of you gives up. If you win, you get the sheet, if not, we keep it. That’s just… stupid. Maybe, but I go first. That’s some funny stuff, right there. All right, my turn now. Damn, you got up fast! OK, you win… …I give up. Let’s get out of here. That’s some funny stuff, right there. Too slow, you lose. See you later, sucker! Delia the Dark Elf? Not sure it was worth it. You recovered my precious documents! Thank you, sir. You are a noble man, indeed. Just give me the money, Melvin. You have earned it, and don’t forget about the wenches. Thanks, Melvin, but I think I will. Betrayed! Vanquished! Defeated! Thou art Brutus!