Best Of Emmanuel Hudson vs. DJ D-Wrek 😂 What Started The Beef? | Wild ‘N Out

(audience cheers)
♪ One, two and three ♪ ♪ For me that ain’t a struggle ♪ ♪ But DJ D-Wrek really
needs a side hustle ♪ ♪ I was thinking the same thing ♪ ♪ The bell and buzzers got to go ♪ ♪ Nick Cannon, get your
man on another show ♪ ♪ Pick up and kill it ♪
(audience cheers) (upbeat music)
♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey, hey ♪ ♪ Hey, hey ♪ (audience cheers) (Emmanuel clears throat) – [D-Wrek] Go boy. – Ooh, how you look so familiar? I know I seen you before. That’s where I’ve seen you before, in my piggy bank ’cause you a dime. (audience laughs)
(buzzer beeps) – Oh, you a hater!
– Get out of here! – [D-Wrek] Thank you! – When you put dimes,
’cause them coins in the– – Bruh.
– Get your ass back over there!
– That’s would’ve worked in real life. ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Go, go, go then, do it, do it, do it.
– Come on, come on, come on, quit playing, quit playing. – What’s up, what’s up? (Charlie grunting)
– Get in there! (audience laughs) (buzzer beeps) What? What?
(audience grumbles) – It was whack, it was whack,
(audience booing) it wasn’t creative.
(men arguing) You gotta use your creative minds. – DJ D-Wrek big ass head. (audience laughs) – Oh, that’s funny.
(bell dinging) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Abracadabra, you’re single! (audience laughs) I said
you’re single! (buzzer beeps) (audience laughs) (audience applause) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – DJ D-Wrek neck pillow on a plane. (audience laughs) (buzzer beeps) (audience laughs) – It doesn’t look like that. ♪ Wild Out ♪ (audience cheers)
(mid-tempo hip hop music) – Your word is curmudgeon, curmudgeon. ♪ Uh, yeah ♪ ♪ Uh, yeah ♪ ♪ Now that I got y’all attention ♪ ♪ You look familiar ♪
(audience laughs) ♪ When you put the dime in a piggy bank ♪ (buzzer beeps)
♪ I’m trying tell him ♪ – Go!
♪ That when you, I just want– ♪ (audience cheers) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Humongous, M-Y P-E- N-I-S, (audience laughs)
humongous. (audience laughs) (buzzer beeps) (audience grumbles) – Your penis will always get a buzz anywhere near me, (beep).
(audience laughs) (audience applause) ♪ Wild Out ♪ (Conceited laughs) – Raiden wins! (Emmanuel groans) (buzzer beeps) Raiden for– ♪ Wild Out ♪ – It sounded good.
– We can lie to get the bell? ATL, turn up. – [All] Turn up for what? – ‘Cause DJ D-Wrek is a real DJ. (audience cheers) (crickets chirping)
(audience laughs) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – DJ D-Wrek headband.
(audience laughs) (bell dings) – It was just funny, that’s all. It’s not true, but funny. ♪ Wild Out ♪ – (clears throat) Special
announcement about the dime. (audience laughs) (buzzer beeps) (buzzer beeps)
When you put the dime– (audience laughs) – [D-Wrek] That was trash. ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Y’all wanna see something humongous? (audience cheers) (buzzer beeps) (audience laughs) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – DJ D-Wrek headphones. (audience laughs)
(bell dinging) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – After 200 episodes of “Wild ‘N Out”, the cast can finally do this. (game buzzer beeping)
– What is convince him to fire your big head-ass. (audience laughs) (bell dings) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Your word is social studies. ♪ That’s two words, still
I’ma go in beast mode ♪ ♪ DJ D-Wrek got a head just like a globe ♪ (audience laughs) ♪ Wild Out ♪ (audience laughs)
– Black Lives Ladder. (buzzer beeps)
(audience laughs) – [Nick] That was funny. ♪ Wild Out ♪ ♪ Do he got a big head ♪ ♪ Yes ♪ ♪ But you know what bigger ♪ ♪ It’s my P-E-N-I-S ♪
(audience cheers) (buzzer beeps) You gon’ give me a bell when I want my freaking bell.
– All right, let me talk to you real quick.
– My penis is big, and it’s gonna stay that way! (audience laughs) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Hold up, move your
big ass head back, dude. – DJ D-Wrek football helmet. (buzzer beeps)
– No, come on, move your big head-ass back. ♪ Wild Out ♪ ♪ Boo’d up ♪ ♪ I ain’t lonely no more ♪ ♪ Y’all boo’d up ♪ ♪ Me
and my girl fussin’ ♪ ♪ But we trying though ♪ ♪ Her breath stank ♪ ♪ But I’m with her
’cause she fine though ♪ (audience laughs)
♪ I got a secret ♪ ♪ She was born with nine toes ♪ ♪ She really love me ’cause
I got the dime joke ♪ (audience grumbles)
♪ I ain’t lonely no more ♪ (buzzer beeps)
♪ I’m boo’d up ♪ ♪ I ain’t lonely no more ♪ ♪ Wild Out ♪ (audience laughs) – Need a Wild ‘N Out girl
to give butt shots to. (audience laughs)
(buzzer beeps) This a gun!
(audience laughs) – [D-Wrek] Time is running out. – I don’t know what else to do. (audience laughs) (buzzer beeps)
(audience laughs) – Emman, come with me real quick. I gotta crutch on you. (audience cheers) (bell dinging) (audience cheers) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Large and easily inflatable,
this item is in high demand in the summer. (game buzzer beeping)
– What is this (beep). (audience laughs)
(buzzer beeps) Large and easily inflatable,
that means it gets up and it’s working fine! – Sound like you might wanna
go get that checked out. ♪ Wild Out ♪ ♪ I’m a gigolo spending all the dough ♪ ♪ And I’m always surrounded ♪
(buzzer beeps) ♪ By so many hos ♪
(bell dinging) (audience cheers)
♪ So many hos ♪ – Give him his headband back,
he mad, that’s what it is. (audience laughs) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – ATL, turn up. – [All] Turn up for what? – Because
(all laugh) you see this dime right here, right?
– Not again! (crickets chirping)
– You not even gon’ let me finish?
(audience laughs) – Last time.
– The dime– (audience laughs) ♪ Wild Out ♪ – Alright, your word is motherland. ♪ Uh, yeah, we gon’ do this ♪ ♪ For the brother man ♪ ♪ We could care less ♪ ♪ About the other man ♪ ♪ Represent Africa, the motherland ♪ (audience cheers)
(bell dings) – Three verse, three verse? Hey, he said three, he said three, he said three!
– Security, security! – Oh my god, oh, oh, you only said three! You didn’t say four!
– Does it matter? Does it matter?
– You didn’t say four! He didn’t say four! He didn’t say–
(audience laughs) – You okay, you okay, you okay? (upbeat music)
♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪