Ha Ha Ha! You wot m8? I’ll show you my stand is better than yours. Sweet hungry nipples. I hate you>:( OraoraoraoraoraoraORA MudamudamudamudamudaMUDA Sh*t! I hurt my pinky! You arse-eating pickle fairy! I better block or my nipples will be in trouble. De…Wuuuuurld~ Time has stopped. And so has your life, which will be ended very soon by my cold erect nipples. I don’t know … why we use nipples a lot… but it is f*cking hilarious. Now, Jetero Q-oh… I, Dio Brando, will end your life with my fists of fury! Toodleloo…Bish. Ow. Soon-oov-a-bish. My back. :'( Now I will walk away like a psychotic, sexy motherf*cker and laugh like a -dot-dot-dot WHAT?! It seems your fists of fury is nothing but a jizz tissue of embarrassment. You bawsterd! How dare you live a life! How are your nipples still breathing? I SAID “HOW ARE YOUR NIPPLES STILL BREATHING!?” Did you give them …C P R … while I was jacking off? You gay banana head. Star Platinum was protecting them. UEGHGAHGAH I am sh*tting myself! De Wurld~ What the?! Star Platinum?! Holy feather-dusting anus licking shovel d*cks! ORAORAORAORAORAbish! F*ck. My favorite bracelet 🙁 You bawsterd>:( Ow. D*mn. My back again. Sweet hopping titty machine! I managed to hit him… It’s strange … how I was able to move in frozen time. I must use my stand to be able to reach him or I am a goner! Adios, bee-yatch! Haha. I got you in a checkmate, mate! De Wurld~ Oh f*ck! Teehee. Explain to me how you’re going to get way from these knives, Jetaro?! Heehee Your titties must be sweating like a wet whore. Now eat more knives! Now let’s see how long you can move in frozen time of my stand … De Wurld~ D*mn. Sh*t! F*ck! C*ck! Move d*mn you! (Gay) Orrra~ :3 You fat pile of sh*t! Move more! D*mn :/ It seems you can’t move that much anymore. Ha ha ha Now eat metal sharp d*cks! …with a side of f*ck you>:3 Oraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoroa~Ora~Ora Ow. My nipples and other various places. Now one more to make sure you’re dead. Take this, Joestard. OH NO! HOLY SH*T! Ow. Now let’s skip further into the fight … because I am a lazy son of a bish. Owowowowowowowowow-D*mn. My back is f*cked! This will be the last time I freeze time! Say your prayers, Joestard… because I am about yo stop time in this b*tch! DE … WURLD~ Holy f*ck! I bet it is a huge d*cks above me! WRRRRRRRRRRRRY~ Motherf*cker! I knew it. Sh*t. Oraoraoraoraoraora~ Nigganigganigganigga~ Oraoraoraoraoraora~Oraoraoraoraoraora~ Somebody once told me De Wurld is going to roll you. Ha Ha. I can stop time c: