Best 2.1.2 Crusader Starter Build: Captain America – Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide Season 2

hey folks this is Rhykker bringing you a
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guide to a beginner crusader build that will get
you kickin ass up through the torment difficulties
until you can find yourself the a concept that you need to get into 36 an game this bill is non your depended so you can use it
regardless of what items you have plus it’s a holy build so it’ll position
you nicely to take on the condemn crusader t6 build this bill was originally posted on the
Apple fans back in August light I bud but as you can see it still holds up
today I’m able to comfortably farm torment for let’s take a look at the
skills your primary attack will be punished
retaliate this not only generates wrath for us but
it triggers Hardin senses which increases your blog
chance by 15 percent for five seconds you will ideally wanna have Hardin
senses up at all times so even if you have excess
wrath you saw one attack with punish once
every five seconds just to keep up hard and senses and will
soon explain why block chance is so important our main
attack skill will be blessed she’ll shattering throw you get to do the
Captain America shield bro it’s a pretty fun skill the shield will
split bounced and hit multiple targets and its damages buffed by your shield
locked chests now to help with that wrath management
we have shield glare zealous Claire on a 12 second cooldown
this all makes you nine draft for each enemy blinded so you ideally want to be
hitting packs a monsters with this and that’ll easily refill your wrath
next we have condemn eternal retaliation the cooldown on
condemns 15 seconds which is quite a bit however the cooldown is reduced by one second
for each enemy hit by the explosion now it’s a little difficult the time
this you have to get used to it but basically when you see yourself
approaching a packet enemies light the fuse on condemn run in there
and then explode all over them next we have have been spurious split
fury this is great when dealing with champion packs and rip guardians and with a 20 second
cooldown you’ll basically be able to use it every time you encounter an elite back and lastly have acrobats champion case
for the cooldown on this one is ninety seconds so you can’t use it quite as liberally
as have been scary but you definitely want to have it up
for those rift Guardian fights inboxer damage you’re after an array
Shin and increases your attack speed and increased attack speed with punish will
allow you to regain wrath faster and that allowed to spam a lotta
blessed shields as for the passives first up we have
insurmountable and this is another reason why we wanna
keep are blocked chance way up there locking in attacking
generates 6 wrath we want to be in the figure things
condemn forces us to while blessed shield is a ranged attack
condemn is something that forces us into melee an insurmountable will take
advantage of all those attacks were blocking next holy cause will give you a flat 10
percent increase the weapon damage and whenever you deal holy damage you’ll
heal for up to 1 percent of your total life you always be dealing holy damage but
you may find that the life still on this is pretty
negligible still it’s hard to say no to 10 percent more
weapon damage heavenly strength is an as mandatory as it once was now
that it reduces your damaged by 20 percent so if you said 10 of 31 had a weapon you
should instead go with fervor more attack speed lower cooldowns
so it’ll really depend on what weapon you find just try to
maximize your damage then lastly we have towering shield that increases are punished damage and
are blessed chilled am ish by 20 percent plus it reduces the cooldown she’ll Claire by
almost a third altogether this bill synergize is really
well and if you can find yourself injecting board which will make it was
shelled ricochet to multiple additional and amines then it becomes
even more powerful but again even without any specific
items this is still a very powerful built I won’t give a
complete breakdown on items but if you follow these simple during
guides then you’ll be able to maximize our damage and toughness just to make sure that
your she’ll has as high a block chance as you can get
you definitely want one that rolls with additional block chance percent that
wraps up this guide thanks for watching check out these other videos and if you
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