Benefit’s Of Giving Feedback At Work (& How To Do It) 2019

Good evening, it’s Andy, just finished a
two-day event with our good friends at Amazon the team for Facebook and it’s
been a great couple of days. I’ve just arrived here in Tiburon waiting for a
management team to arrive for dinner and just reflecting on the last couple of
days, really good conversation with the team a team that are just starting to form, just starting to come together, just starting to really deeply think about how they’re
going to help this customer together and we touched on the subject of feedback,
you know it’s an interesting topic there’s lots of different views on
feedback some people that really are for it some people against and for me it’s
essential, it’s kind of like oxygen for a high-performing team, you do have to
first build the trust. I think that’s the really important thing right you have to
build the trust in the team first, you kind of have to have the agreement that
this is something we’re going to do, you have to of course assume good
intent from the people that are around you and you have to do it in a caring
way right you don’t just dump on people and run “I’ve never liked you goodbye!” You’ve got to do it politely with
compassion and empathy right and try and help the person give them the feedback,
tell them what it is, tell them why it’s important that you’re giving them
that and try and help them understand the potential impact that it might be
having on them in terms of their career you know I spoke to one of the people
today they don’t typically challenge they don’t typically give feedback and
they have a lot to give to the rest of the team and the guy said “look I don’t
want to do it, I don’t want to hurt people” and everyone in the room said
when you deny me feedback you’re hurting me you will deny me the chance to grow,
you’re denying me the chance to develop you’re denying me the chance to build a
relationship with you actually and it really hit home it took a while
but it really hit home to that person that they’ve actually been letting the
team down when they finally got to give the
nuggets of feedback it was like “oh my god you’re so right,
why didn’t you tell me before and we could have been so much further forward
with the account, I could have been so much further forward in my development
like I’m disappointed that you didn’t do this sooner” so you know and I sort
of said to everybody else in the room you know do you want to really know, how
many of you want to really know what your colleagues think of you and
everybody put their hand up, how many do you want to know what your boss really
thinks they all put their hand up, it’s like well why are we doing it you know so it
is a touchy subject it can be very much badly used, misused it can be a type
of bullying and it can be a public shaming if it’s done really badly right
so I think you do have to get that agreement with your team that we’re all
in this together we have a common purpose, all the ships
are gonna rise right, we’re all going to learn together we’re all going to help
each other once the feedbacks out there and people who have kind of started to
understand it and maybe where it’s coming from and the impact then you can
start to coach each other right keep each other honest and try not to get
that same feedback again right and that’s when you build that loyalty
that’s when you build those teams that you get once or twice in your career if
you’re lucky that you really become loyal to, friends for life, people that
you always stay in touch with I know I’ve talked about this before but it
keeps coming up and I just want to remind people it is a good thing if done
properly all right I’m off to watch the sunset with our friends at Amazon but
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