Being Bigoted in the Workplace – 1999 Ep01

Hi, my name’s Mark. I’m here to see Bigoted Bill. Okay, but just so you know, Bill can be sexist, ablest, racist and generaly bigoted. But it’s best to hear him out. Did someone say Bill? Take a seat. Let me walk you through the office it’ll be
a treat. Facsimile here, printer there. Do you play Nintendo? Ah.. Don’t care. You’ll fit in quite good I reckon,
But first you need… Hey, wait a second Hey, you, Vipull, go back to where you came
from, we’re full! Of your, delicious curry! It’s so yummy I got a full tummy! Back to where I came from… My work. Beat the traffic it’ll be berserk! Bigoted, Bigoted, Bigoted Bill! Lunch is at twelve, you get one hour,
The washroom’s here if you need a shower. We’re the best company on the planet,
Oh my god have you seen Janet? Oh my god I love her to bits,
She’s got a great, pair, of… Double degrees, she’s above the rest!
Business and law, she’s the best! Bigoted, Bigoted, Bigoted Bill! And that guy there, he loves poofs! Have you met Jerry? He’s aloof! G’day guys! I love poofs! I love a poof here and I love a poof there! Poofy poofy poof poof, everywhere! Bigoted, Bigoted, Bigoted Bill! God I hate his handicap. If mine was that low, I’d be wrapped! I was talking ’bout golf, you see! Not talkin’ ’bout his disability! Bigoted, Bigoted, Bigoted Bill! And did I mention I beat women? *awks as fuck silence* To the picket line, to fight for their rights! Treating women bad is a joke,
Because you can be a feminist and a bloke! Bigoted, Bigoted, Bigoted Bill! Wow Bill, it seems I was the one who was wrong, I thought you’d be sexist, ablest, and racist
just because your name is Bigoted Bill! Oh you silly boy I’m regular Bill, y’see?
Bigoted Bill is over there FUCK THE ****S
AND FUCK THE ****S Bigoted Bill is a nasty man I don’t know why
he works here *flappy sound of a racist man waving politely*