Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive! Star Wars Battlefront 2

In Star Wars Battlefront 2 Galactic Assault
you rotate between attack and defense. Just because you’re on the defense though,
doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play super defensively. Today we’re going to talk about why you
need to be more aggressive in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Welcome back, and I play a ton of Galactic
Assault, I’m sure just like many of you, and in that game mode, you tend to see a lot
of players either being super defensive or standing at the choke points frozen in fear
to advance. Playing like this on attack isn’t going
to get the job done, and if on defense, just lets the enemy team walk all over you since
there’s no reason for them to be cautious until they get to the objective point. Now there are times when playing aggressive
isn’t always going to be the right move, like when you’re on a ticket counter and
you find yourself completely alone, but if you are playing any version of Walker Assault,
there is no need to worry about dying, since there’s no ticket counter for either team,
also if you’re on the defense, again, there’s no ticket counter for any phase, so again,
you can push without consequence. If you’re on the attack however, for everything
except walker escort, you will have a death counter, and a max of 100 deaths for the team. There are certain times you need to be pushing
forward in order to win, and not waiting until the last 10 tickets to do so. Before we get into those, be sure to check
out our friends at Star Wars Gaming .net, they’re a wonderful resource for this community
and have all the news of the day for Star Wars Battlefront 2. As we go through these, let me know in the
comments when you find the best way to push forward on attack. The best and first time to really be aggressive
is at the very start of any phase. When switching from one phase to the next,
the defensive team is generally out of position. For the most part, they are running back to
get in bounds, and most likely going actually to the objective points themselves. Those who don’t make it, either because
they were picked off trying to make it back or just caught to far out of bounds, end up
spawning further back since the spawns switch as well. At this point, the attacking team should have
the numbers on the defensive team. Defensive teams usually aren’t set up right
at the start either, since a lot of times they’re not sure which way the main push
is going to come from. So when a phase changes, you want to push
as hard and as fast as you can in order to catch the other team off guard. For this you have a 10 second timer before
you will die for being out of bounds. If you can time your push right, you can get
9 seconds into enemy territory before the boundaries move up, catching the defense even
more off guard since they’re still waiting for the next phase to officially begin. This first initial push is probably the most
important and the easiest way to take an objective and should be done more often than i currently
see it, especially on maps like phase 2 naboo or jakku stage 3, where the choke points can
become hard to break. Along these lines, and the second most important
time to push forward is when you see your teammates ahead of you on the mini map, again,
usually on choke point maps. You don’t want to be the guy shooting sentry
down a hallway when you’re team has already moved up. You’re not doing any good. For this you want to pay attention to your
mini map. So many times we’ll be moving into the objective
and i’ll see 2-3, usually heavies, sitting in a doorway just firing explosive sentry
at nothing, and our team mats will be right around the corner to where their shots are
landing. If those 2-3 guys would of paid even the slightest
attention to their minimap, they could of been helping the team take the point, but
instead they’re making everyone running up assume they’re shooting at something, when
their not, and causes the push to fail since everyone stops to shoot at nothing. For this, when you spawn in and moving forward,
glance at your mini map from time to time to see where the blue and green dots are. IF they are in front of you, move up to them,
or even better, take a flanking route to come up to beside where they’re trying to get
to. It’ll help the team more than blindly firing
down a hallway, since again, defensive deaths don’t matter in this game. The next best time to push forward is with
your heroes. If you are a normal trooper, and you see a
lightsaber hero start to go down a hall or corridor, follow them. If they have block up, they’ll deflect the
shots and allow you to shoot around them, making it easier to push up. If you see a non lightsaber hero move up,
still go with them. The heroes are going to take the brunt of
the fire, allowing you to move up and take a hall and get closer to the object area. For you hero players, stop hanging way the
back all the time. If you get low on health, sure, retreat and
heal, but staying in the back of the troopers isn’t doing your team any good if you’re
trying to break a choke point. Heroes also aren’t all that hard to get
if you have the right build for it or just play officer, so don’t be so afraid to push
an objective or even die if needed to progress the team. You can always get enough points again and
it will help break choke points a lot more if there’s a hero helping out. Hopefully everyone just respawning in is paying
attention as well and will come with you, so you won’t even need to retreat that far. If there’s not a hero nearby or on the field,
officers, you can play a critical role to help push forward with 1 star card, 2 if you
want to be super annoying to the opposing team. I may regret saying this but luckily i’m
not a huge channel so maybe not. Use the disruption card on choke point phases
to get through them easily. Activate it right before you turn the corner,
and on one around the corner will be able to shoot back. IF you really want to be annoying, after disruption
goes off, toss a flash and detonate it right away to blind them, then hit recharge battle
command, which will auto refresh both your disruption and flash and do it again. You can basically clear a choke point on your
own if you do it right. For anyone not playing an officer, thats fine,
but again, if you see someone pushing make sure to run with them or you’re not going
to get anywhere anytime soon. Finally, you want to make sure your picking
a hero or class for the phase your playing. I get it, everyone has their “main” i
guess, i really hate that saying, main. But the one you only want to play isn’t
always good for the situation. You can be play palpy all you want, but he’s
not going to really help get through certain points if the ceiling is to low and you can
bunny hop effectively to get your auto aim kills. And leias fantastic if your at range and only
need to slightly be pointing at an enemy when you fire the secondary fire, but up close
she can be melted pretty quick if it’s a small room. So before you take a hero, think about what
the map layout is and if the hero you #main is actually a good pick or just a waste of
battle points. This goes for troopers as well, specialist’s
i love you, but the nt242 isn’t going to cut it close range, grab the cfe is pushing
a choke point, since it;s great for close range engagements, and heavies while I’m
not a huge fan, spamming sentry down an empty hall isn’t helping either. Instead, heavies, drop your ion turret for
a bit, pick up the shield and lead the charge. You all could even line up and form a phalanx,
which not only would be funny, but terrifying to anyone who turns a corner into it. Officers, turrets are great for defense but
disruption is an attackers dream and shuts down turrets, and squad shields can even be
used to advance if you have in a tight spot. Assaults…you do you, most assaults play
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you in game.