Ayesha Curry Slams Steph’s Aggressive Fans

Live from New York City! It’s The Wendy Williams Show! (audience cheering) (theme song) (audience chanting) Now! Here’s Wendy! (audience screams) (upbeat music) (audience chanting) Thank you! (audience applauds) Thanks for watching our show. (audience cheers) Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. Yay you! How you doin’? How you doin’? Well (audience laughs) Let’s get started. It’s time for “Hot Topics”. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) (audience cheers) Well… I went out last night. (audience applauds) I can’t explain this new life, other than it feels so right. (audience cheers) Let me tell you. I did all my proper responsible things, Phone calls, meetings, dinners with the boys. And so on and so forth. My son and my nephew, they’re here. So then… (chirps) (audience laughs) “You wanna go see the god?” Damn right. (audience laughs) Everyone knows I’m talking about Rakim. (audience cheers) (audience applauds) Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. Every story on this show isn’t for everybody. If you don’t know who Rakim is shame on you. (audience laugh) If you’re a tall girl and you hate on short men, shame on you. (audience cheers) Let me tell you something right there. I found… Well first of all Ra. Great performance. I went to this place in Queens, shout out to Big Fish doing big things. Thank you so much, for the invite. (audience applauds) Rakim performed. It was a bunch of old heads in there. Including me. Shout out to all the old heads. We was dippin’ it and doin’ it. (audience cheers) It was like, another one of those “supper clubby” kind of places. Dance floor not required. The lobster, the shrimp, people were having their drinks. The music was old school, like, EPMD, you know old. Like all that. And we were doing like we were twenty three. It was wonderful. (audience applauds) Rakim walks in. Every, it’s just like, pound, pound, pound. He comes over. We hug. I got chills. Like, thank you Rakim. And you know who else I ran into last night? Who? Someone I hadn’t seen in since forever. You know DJ Mr.C? Yes DJ, I hadn’t seen DJ Mr.C in well over ten years. DJ Mr.C was an integral part in me meeting my um… husband. Back in the day. I forgive you. (audience laughs) Mr.C was a very integral part in my family and stuff like that. I hadn’t seen him in a long time. Last time I saw Mr.C he was a fat straight DJ. (audience laughs) Now he’s a thin, very comfortable with himself DJ. If you know what I’m saying. You know the story. I’m gonna let C tell the story. C you know I wanna invite you here. But I don’t want you just being for Boof. Hi Boof. (audience cheers) Some sort of code with the DJs. Like they invite one another. By the way, Boof was my ride in and my ride out. We had a good time. Right Boof? (audience cheers) (laughs) Anyway, I wanna invite C here. So now he’s a this comfortable with himself DJ. One thing that he said to me before we both shared a tear and hugged. We hugged each other like we were on the Titanic, me and Mr.C. Awwww Mr.C used to be Big Daddy Kane’s DJ. He’s an icon unto himself, yes he is. He’s on the radio and does what he does. So on and So forth. He said. “Wendy, now that I feel so comfortable with myself…” Implying that he’s crossed over girls. Can we say he’s gay? (audience laughs) That he likes boys? If he says he’s…I mean. We have to wait for him. He’s been outed shamefully every place. We’ve just never talked about it here. We just have to wait for him. We are going to wait for him. Second of all, and then I said. “I feel so free too.” He knew what I was talking about. We hugged like two old school friends for dear life. (audience applauds) He’s all thin. He’s got no wrinkles. I asked him if he got a face lift. He laughed, but he’s got no wrinkles and he looks good. He’s happy. You know people, when you live in your own truth… (audience applauds) Life is good! (audience cheers) Live your own truth. All that happened and I was home by the eleven o’clock news. (audience laughs) You know when you’re older and you dip it and do it, you gotta pack a lot of action in to get home and get responsible for the morning. (audience laughs) Now look, The Bachelorette, you watch that. Yes Oh. (audience laughs) Well the men on the next season of the Bachelorette have been revealed. One of the contestants is… Very interesting. Good picking producers of that show, because this will get me interested. He’s a sperm donor that helped create a hundred and fourteen children. (audience surprised) His name is Mateo and he’s twenty five years old. Wow With one hundred and fourteen kids. (audience appalled) (laughs) DMX he’s got you beat! (audience applauds) So he goes to Georgia Tech, or he went to Georgia Tech. He’s a smart man. He’s a mechanical engineer. (audience impressed) He’s got a job in consulting. As a consultant. He manages, a management consultant. So he’s very smart. A lot of times, I’ve never examined the whole sperm donor thing. I don’t know how much it costs. Apparently it pays more than it does donating blood. (audience laughs) I remember when I was in college I had friends who regularly donated blood. For money! You know? You have no money. Back then I guess they weren’t testing the blood to see how you partied, (audience laughs) ’cause they were taking college kid’s blood. But these days, sperm donors can make a thousand dollars a month. Holler at that magazine. They send you in the other room with a magazine and the petri dish I guess and you do your thing. It’s like you get paid to master bait or something like that. First of all. To me this is the deal breaker. He needs to tell Hannah. Hannah is that Bachelorette that lost to the virgin last season. That was the gimmick last cycle of the Bachelorette. That Colton was a virgin. Yeah, a virgin. He didn’t pick Hannah. So they kept Hannah as the Bachelorette. Now they are hooking her up with other people. The thing about Hannah is that Hannah is not likable, because she thinks she’s better than other girls. She comes from that beauty pageant world, and I know girls who come from the beauty pageant world. But they don’t walk around criticizing other women so horribly. I mean we all talk about people. But I mean criticizing. Like “Oh my gosh. You look really bad. You need to loose some weight” or “That outfit looks bad on you.” Or “You’re not really that pretty.” Or “These girls don’t even bother wearing make-up.” Or “They wear to much…” Like she’s one of them. So anyway, back to Mateo. A hundred and fourteen kinds, and he’s twenty five. None of the kids are his. Now you know what they say about when you donate your sperm. It’s free to be donated to what ever woman wants it to be implanted. He doesn’t know who these kids are. To me that is scary as hell. (audience agrees) Can you imagine, you’re with a guy and then you find out. Like at what point in the dating process do you tell somebody. I almost feel like these days, because the world is going so fast. You need to get a lot of the stuff out no later than the third date with somebody. (audience applauds) You know what I mean? (laughs) Maybe on the first date you release a little information not to scare him off. So that you get a second date. But by the third date. These are critical times. That we live in right now. We need the information quickly. We don’t wanna be falling in love with a man who has… Look when his kids turn eighteen, they could show up at the door. And the way I look at information theses days… Nothing is private. You people with “confidential clauses” and all that stuff, that stuff is so much hooie. People tell. Doctors talk to their other friends about us at their cocktail parties. Not Dr.Oz though. He’ll be out here later. He’ll be out here later. (audience cheers) But. (audience applauds) That’s Lisa’s man. (audience laughs) But you know, lawyers talk about cases their trying, and name us at those cocktail parties. We all know people like this. You know professionals, cops and stuff. Who aren’t supposed to talk but they talk. So I feel like a hundred and fourteen kids… First of all. At least ten women who have been implanted are not all together. And are going to come looking for him. Damning him for making his lifestyle. I feel like the lab or the labs, where ever his was sitting and waiting… They’re not so confidential. You know what I’m saying? Eventually you’ll be able to sue you way into finding out who your baby’s father was. These women, I get it. They pick him because he’s handsome. He’s really smart, and he’s got young sperm. He’s twenty five. He’s been doing this all through college. He probably started when he was eighteen. You know what I mean? At a thousand dollars a month. That was more money than we were making during college. Doing what ever it is we were doing. Don’t get any ideas by the way, you college boys. (audience laughs) I’m not. This is not a good thing. I think it’s kind of wild and sloppy. You should have to fill out papers if you donate sperm more than, I’ll give you five times. I’ll give you a Brady Bunch six. (audience applauds) But no more than that. Like, no more than that. Well, It would kinda make me wanna watch. Hannah gets what she deserves in the season. (sighs) Season fifteen of the Bachelorette premiers on Monday. That’ll be May 13th on NBC. (audience applauds) It was good times. Where am I going tonight? (audience cheers) Oh no. No no no. I forgot. I’m saving myself for the Ball on Saturday. (audience applauds) There’s a Ball on Saturday and they’re real long. Then afterwards you always go out for breakfast. Then Sunday will be mothers day and I’ll spend it just the way I like it. In the bed under the covers with blinds drawn, watching t.v. ’cause I was out all night. (audience cheers) (laughs) Ayesha Curry, you know Steph Curry’s wife? I don’t know her but I like her in my head. She seems like a real one. Yeah. Well Ayesha says that she wasn’t prepared for the pressures that come with being married to a famous athlete. Steph Curry. That’s his wife. They’ve been together since they were really young. All she’s ever known was that Steph got a little preferential treatment. I guess, in High school he was the cutest and all the girls liked him and he was popular with the guys. So she just assumed “I’m already with a superstar how much more starish can it get than high school?” You go to college and he’s a little more starie. Now he’s in the NBA and apparently starie is at an all time high level ’cause there’s a lot of women, with no respect. (audience laughs) You know what I’m saying? Yup A lot of women, who know your man is married and will have the nerve to be right up under him right under your nose. (audience applauds) Ayesha says that… (laughs) Marco, Marco. It was lit. You really did miss something special. Look at Boof smile. Look at Boof smile. (laughs) Earlier in the week Ayesha revealed that there was an instance where, she was talking to Jada Pinkett on The Red Table talk show that Jada has, that a fan crossed the line with her. Well, just look at this. I’ll never forget. We wanted to go buy bikes one day. Riley at the time, she’s less than a year old. And this lady, this group of people come over, and they are trying to ask Stephan for an autograph. The woman opens the car door… Oooo Sticks her body in the car and she like “Oh let me see!” I’m like “No! Get out of the car!” and she goes “Oh honey you know what you signed up for.” What did she sign up for? What did she sign up for? You know what I’m saying? She signed up to be married to a man that she loves. They have beautiful kids. They can’t help it if they seem like a picture perfect family. Awwwww I mean there’s no such thing as perfection but, as perfection goes two have got it in spades. (audience cheers) And for you lonely girls who can’t keep you hands off of other people’s men. Tell em’ There’s a hot place in hell for you. (audience cheers) The conversation went on. So first of of all the girl hopped in the car like that. I’m surprised, first of all, that women are that brazing. But they are, ’cause it’s one thing to be dressed seductively and you see a man that you like and he’s all booed up across the room and you lick your lips at him or something like that. That’s different. But that’s real tame compared to these days when, hoping in the car, the kids. What!? Ayesha says that it also kind of bothers her that female fans throw themselves at her basically ignoring her. Like ignoring Ayesha. Like elbowing her out of the way to get to him. But in all cases I feel as though a woman’s only going to do that if the man lets her. (audience applauds) Most of the time, if a woman is doing something like that she’s got nothing to loose. If she’s doing that to a married man with a family. He’s got everything to loose. So if you bite back man, then you loose. (audience applaud) And he’s not biting back. I never hear anything about Steph Curry and other women. Or anything like that. Ayesha to me is like a real one. A really body, real comments and stuff. And she was saying that it’s funny because now she’s with Steph, she’s been with him like all of her life, and men don’t look at her. And she was saying on this show that, “What’s wrong with another man looking at me? I’m with my husband. You know, sometimes a girl feels good when she feels strange eyes all over her.” (audience applaud) This Cardi B right? Cardi B is talking about the rumors of her having fake abs. Remember we were talking about that on t.v. People were rumoring that. I didn’t know whether she did or not but I explained to you what ab etching is and that girls do that. Doctors offer it. It’s a real thing. If you don’t wanna work for your abs, you can buy your abs. Well Cardi wore this outfit at the Billboard Awards last week. That’s when people were like “Oh my gosh look at her abs, she just had a baby.” You know what’s up with that? (burps) Excuse me. And in this day and age of everyone having surgery Cardi says that her abs are real and here she is telling you. Yes I got a (beep) lipo done. Yes I did. But what I didn’t get was (beep) ab etching. Now ya’ll tryna play like I ain’t never had no (beep) packs. I always had packs. If I always had packs, then been have packs after I gave birth. Ya’ll can go to Google and be like, and search “Cardi’s abs” yall will see that I had, always all the time. So if I (beep) did lipo right? And I sucked out all my fat, and tightened up my skin. You don’t think my bones are showing even more? (beep) I need (beep) ab etching for bitch. I’m naturally (beep) abed up. (audience applaud) So her abs are real. Let’s take that off the table. The most important and distracting thing about Cardi is that no matter what she says, I just love to hear her talk. Everything she says if you noticed. If you rock a beat in the back of your head. Look, for instance. Take a look at this. (rap beat) Ya’ll could go to Google and be like and search “Cardi’s abs” ya’ll gonna see that I had always all the time. So if I (beep) did lipo right? And I sucked out all my fat, and tightened up my skin. You don’t think my bones are showing even more? (beep) I need (beep) ab etching for bitch? I’m naturally (beep) abed up. (audience cheers) She’s just so lovable. I can’t. She’s just so lovable. So those are her real abs. But like Tyra Banks, Hi Tyra! Tyra is forty five years old. Have you seen this picture? (audience cheers) Yup, yup. She birthed her baby. She’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She’s been there. This is her third time being on the cover of Sports Illustrated. They say that she was the first black woman on the cover of Sports Illustrated back in ninghteen nighty six. This is what that picture looked like. What we don’t have all the other pictures? No Well do the google in comparison. Tyra still looks like Tyra. (audience cheers) And that’s a good thing. (audience applauds) She’s thick in all the right places and abs are good and abs are cute. But sometimes guys like it soft and voluptuous, and she looks good. By the way Tyra. While your body is working. And that new life of your is working. Changing your last name is not working for me. I’m sorry. Your names Tyra Banks with a “ks” at the end. She wants to change it to the “x” at the end. No Now look. I’m not calling her that either. I’m calling her Tyra Banks with a “ks” But look, she says that the “x” stands for xing out cookie cutter beauty. Oh no Well first of all Tyra, you are a cookie cutter beauty. In that way, a cookie cutter beauty to me is somebody that you look at immediately. You don’t have to squint and say “Oh she’s an odd beauty” Like Jane Hutton, or Lauren Hutton, the old model, with the gap in between her teeth. That’s what I call, a non cookie cutter beauty. You know what I’m saying? Tyra to me is cookie cutter, and there’s nothing wrong with that, at all. Anyway, Tyra. No one is calling you Tyra Banx with an “x” okay girl? (audience cheers) But we are calling you beautiful and sexy. And we got more great show for you everybody! (audience cheers loudly) Alright. Friend to the show Dr.Oz is here. But up next, it’s time for Celebrity Look-A- Like. So grab a snack and come on back. (up beat music) (audience cheers loudly) (bright upbeat music)