Axis of Evil (Bugstards presents)

What’s up Bofly? I heard, it was going to rain. Let’s go. Yeah, let’s go. Wait señor. Yeah, yeah, much better here at home. Yeah, yeah, better. Watching Tv. Great! Yeah, yeah. Watching Tv. What are you doing here? Get out of here.
(Slap, slap, slap) That will teach you! Hey Drago? What does he mean with the Axis of Evil? Simple Bofly. If you are not with him you are against him. Ah, ok. But who decides who is the Axis of Evil? It’s very simple Bofly. It is a recommendation of his legal advising team
based on Bush’s own instructions. Aha. But how does he separate good from evil? Simple Bofly. Let me give you some examples. Reptiles: Evil or Good? Evil! Frog? Evil! Pesticides? Evil! Termites? Hmm. Yammy good! Flies? Hmm. Yammy good! Bee? Evil! Gonzalez?? Hmm. Have to check with my legal team. Ummmmm. Hey Bofly. Have you subscribed to the
channel? Of course! Of course, I subscribed to the channel. Hey Gonzalez? Have you subscribed to the channel? Can I señor? Of course you can! Señor? What?? Can I also cross the wall? Don’t you dare! Hey you, look me in the eye. Subscribe to the channel! Yeah, yeah. Subscribe!