aviatours – Explores Acre of the Crusades

The Crusaders conquered Akko (Acre) in 1095 AD Akko was their only port in the Holy Land They lost it to the Turkish Empire in 1291 AD Till 1994, only 3 halls were discovered, 1, 2 and 3, at half height The access to hall 2 was through a window Later on when we started full excavations in 1994, we discovered 11 halls In 1994 I asked the chief archaeologist – Dr. David – who told me that there should be 7 halls, one for each Order This is hall 6 In hall 7 we found a complete sugar factory with 450 tools to produce sugar Akko was the only port in the Holy Land so it became a distribution center for sugar, cotton, spices and other products to the whole Middle East this was the only port no Tel Aviv, no Jaffa, no Haifa, Akko was the only port That’s the reason that everybody came to Akko Look at the findings from the Roman times, Hellenistic Look at the Hellenistic wall that was catapulted One city on top of the other This was the Capella of the fortress where Jews and Muslims were slaughtered Some groups pray here asking pardon, in the Capella, for the Crusaders sins and beneath us there is a lower floor the city was build on layers An important symbol of Christianity Even with its sails These were hidden steps used by the king from his residence on the 3rd floor to the dinning hall We are entering the hall declared by UNESCO as the most beautiful hall world wide Wow! Did you here the Wow? This is a big surprise Here we plan to serve a Cruzades menu and have a special show outside To honour the king they built the Fleur de Lis Can you see the toilet seat? What’s the period?
Crusades 1200 AD These are the toilet seats This is a bidet The Crusaders learnt from the Muslims to clean themselves with water Prior to that Europeans used leaves and stones The knight used to send his slave to warm the toilet before using it This is the only fortress worldwide, that had toilets in the 2nd and 3rd floors We found here huges quantities of lime against for disinfection All these tunnels lead to the sea and if attacked they could escape with their boats Look upwards This is where we were earlier and looked downwards We are entering the Experience Hall where the story of 5 generations is told The Turkish bath was based on hot water streaming below the floor cold water was sprayed over it to create steam “Of all towns along the Syrian’s shore, from Antioch to Gaza, there is no ther town whose history’s so full of events such as Acre, and there is no other town whose influence on the whole country’s fate was grand” Laurence Olifent (1882)