Australian of the Year: Kate and Tick Everett, advocates against bullying #AOTY2019

On the third of January this year we lost our daughter. through suicide. Dolly was tormented and harassed both online and in the schoolyard. We’ve started doing what we’re doing because no parent should ever want
to go through what we’ve gone through. It would have been a lot easier for
us to lay Dolly to rest and go back to work. But, through the huge amount of support that we recieved both via social media and face to face, it highlighted to us the massive need to try and make a change and and show people that there is no place for bullying. So in the days after Dolly suicided, organizing a funeral, we decided that we didn’t want to
waste money on flowers and trivial things. So we were actually sitting sitting outside under a tree that Dolly used to read under and the concept of Dolly’s dream was created. In the first week, the sheer volume of parents that wrote to us and said ‘this is our child’s story.’ We had no idea that so many people would identify with our story and instead of staying stuck in the middle of nowhere
mustering mustering cattle, we decided we’d stand up and create a change.