ASMR Voice: The Perfect Best Friend [M4A] [Guardian Angel]

Hey, come on! You don’t wanna miss your train, do you?! It was plattform, uh… Three, right? Now, where is it…Ah! Here we are. Phew, just in time. You got your ticket? Good. And, all your bags.. What? *chuckles* I’m not allowed to worry about you? I know how much of a scatterbrain my best friend is, so of course, I’m gonna worry about you. Aww. You miss me already? Well, I’m gonna miss you, too. But hey, you’ll be back in two weeks, right? That’s not long at all. They’ll be back before you know it and we’ll be hanging out and doing all the cool things. But, just… Promise me, you’re safe, wolesome fun on this trip. Okay? Okay. Hey, your train is arriving. Oh? A hug? *chuckles* Sure. Uh, yeah, probably when you get settled in. Awesome. Wait… Who the hell- Hey buddy, do you mind? I’m trying to say goodbye here. [Train approaching] Please no…! Let go of them! Hey, what the hell are you doing?! Don’t- Don’t push them! Oh my god! STOP! [Train sounds fade out] [Slowmotion, Heart is beating] No, No. No it’s- It’s okay, you don’t need to call an ambulance. They just- They just passed out, I think. Thank you. That man…? No. I have no idea who he was. No, please, don’t worry about calling the police. They are probably long gone by now. Oh, Oh. They’re waking up. Hey. It’s okay. I got you. Thank you, everyone. They- They’ve woken up. I-It’s alright. I got them, thanks. Come on, you. Let’s get you somewhere quiet. Just, uh… Hold onto me, okay? Okay, let’s-… uh.. Let’s sit you down here. Uh.. Are you okay? Do you want some water or something? You’re looking pretty pale. Hey, that’s uh… pretty tight grip you got on me. *chuckles* What happened? Um… W-Well… Yeah… You did miss your train. Quite literally just missed your train. *snicker* Okay…you remember hugging me… And some asshole pushing you towards the tracks, right? But you blacked out when you thought you were gonna fall. Yeah, that’s… Pretty much what happened. Me? I, uh, hm… *clears throat* I just, uh… grabbed you as you blacked out. Ah, n-no I’m not lying. No! I’m not. You- You saw me using… …magic? *laughs* Uh, are you sure you’re okay? You sound like you’ve bumped your head on something. Me. Using magic. *laughs* You’re crazy, you. Hm, you really don’t look great, though. I’m gonna get you that water, okay? Woah. Okay. Okay, hey, hey calm down. No, I’m not making fun of you. Hey. I am listening, alright? Just- Look. You’re really shaken up and not-… not thinking straight. Getting angry at me is not gonna make you feel better. *gritting teeth* And telling you the truth right now is not gonna help. *deep breath* Shit. Shouldn’t have said that. Look. Okay. Maybe you should sit back down for this. …Right. Um. Okay, so. You know, we’ve been friends since we were kids… And I’ve… Always been there for you. As in… always. Like when you fell from the monkey bars but I caught you, or… When we were in high school, and I stopped those guys from bullying you when you got braces… When you were learning to drive a car and I made sure you didn’t swerve straight into a river…. Remember that? Well… It’s not a coincidence that I’ve always been there for you. Ever since you were- Ever since you were young, it’s been my job to protect you… …because… …b-because.. Yeah, okay, let’s go with guardian angel. I’m your…guardian angel. Yeah. That explains why I’ve always been the perfect friend to you? *chuckles* Well.. That is my job. I-I guess… It’s always been my job. To keep you happy and… You know, safe. …Wings? Really? Of all the things to ask me I- I don’t know, I think I used to. I kinda gave up my… ethereal form for this squishy, fleshy one. You know, so I can be… Closer to you. But it was definitely worth it. Hmm? Oh, the, um… magic I used to save you? Hm, you know, I just… Stopped time for a bit. Used some heavenly power to save your soul and wiped everyone’s memories, so they didn’t see you fall into the train. You know, just standard angel stuff. No, I- I’ m serious, I mean… Okay, if I explained it properly it would probably blow your mind, like…. Literally, you’d not be able to comprehend what I did. Hmm? Did I know the person who pushed you? Well, that’s, um… That’s another story. I- I guess I should tell you… Especially because it looks like you’re being targeted, now. Yeah, hehe, sorry about that. So, uh.. I’m not the only angel… and/or mythical being that is chosen to live in the world of… you humans. Everyone has their reason for being here. Oh, you know… the usual things. Lust. Greed. Taste Icecream. War. World Domination. But, y’know, my reason… …was you. Unfortunately recently these… …”beings”… Let’s just call them gods. Have started fighting for some stupid reason. I don’t really know the details, but what I do know is that there are two sides to this… war, I guess you could call it. A few angels who knew me from before I’ve been trying to recruit me to help them… fight for whatever it is, they’re fighting for but… I have told them again and again that I’m not interested because I already have an important mission. Yeah, that mission is looking after your stupid face. *chuckles* Well. Sadly for both of us,t hey believe that your stupid face is what’s stopping me from teaming up with them. Um, yeah, you’re kind of putting it together. They…may or may not want to kill you. So I would be free to fight in their stupid war. Yeah, I guess angels aren’t always so …angelic. Yeah, tell me about it. Christ, I mean I’d hate to think what they do and they realize I’m in love with you as well- Ooh, uhhh…. Shit, I– I-, um, ah, … I really sh-shouldn’t have said that. *nervous laugh* Um, uh, any chance you gotta forget I said that? *gritting theeth* …please? Oh, jeez… Well, I didn’t really expect all of my secrets to come out all at once! I wanna- If you want to forget it, I can always just- [Listener suddenly kisses Cardlin] W-woah. That’s… that’s the first time I’ve actually kissed the human. Did it feel good?! Holy crap, did it- [Listener kisses Cardlin again] Wait.Wait. Wawawait. Are you kissing me to make me shut up or are you kissing me because you- …’cause…you… …You love me too? No, no, no, no, I am-, I am I’m happy! Really amazingly happy, but… I just realized how much more danger I’ve put you in. Angels are horribly jealous creatures. Then when they don’t get their way, the consequences are… Well, it can get really messy. So if they found out about… this? I don’t know how much I can do to protect you. My magic? Uh, I mean… There’s only so much of that I could use without it wearing me out. Saving you earlier took quite a bit out of me. Wait…what? Go with you? Uh, are you sure? I mean I wanted to ask if I could come with you when you first said you were going on this trip, but… I didn’t want you to think I was being clingy. I am… or “was” only a friend. *chuckles* W-well in th-that case, I- I will gladly accept your invitation to go on this…. Random trip that you should have invited me on in the first place. *snicker* Well, I guess this makes it easier to protect you… since now I have a more legitimate excuse to be with you all the time. Well, I’m glad you agree. Hey, looks like the next train has pulled up. You should catch that one before it leaves. What’s that? You’re glad I’m your guardian angel? Well.. I’m glad I’m your guardian angel. Come on, let’s get outta here.