ASMR The Suno Tavern Keeper tells you about local work while a belligerent drunk is killed

Welcome, adventurer, to Mount and Blade:Warband. Sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy some… Hey you got any prisoners? Yeah, fuck you too Well, King Harlaus is often looking for mercenaries to fight in his wars Let me think some more (this tastes like piss!) I have heard that Count Delinard over in Dhirim has been worried about bandits establishing a hideout in this area You may want to speak with him Let me think some more (What are you looking at?) I have heard that Count Stamar has been asking around for someone who might want work (I’m not sure) (Some kind of animal, clearly) I’d watch yourself with him, though. You may want to speak to him. (I’ll wipe that smirk right off your face!) There may be other work of course, lords and guildmasters often have other tasks we don’t hear about (dying groans) Also the villagers around here frequently need help, although they’d be more likely to pay you with a wedge of cheese like they will, rather than cold hard denars (dying groans) I’ll keep my ear open for other opportunities. You may want to ask again from time to time