it’s not really working
ha I’m gonna try to change olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict I got these new skates then I
posted a video yesterday and I also have a new ball ride outside but I do not
ever element I have some ailments to self but yes I’m sponsored by a new E
and I have like five or six elements at home and I have no ailment at the shop
anyway I’m going to apologize myself for skating just a tiny little bit just to
test my skates without a helmet but I guess it’s going to be worth it stay
there enjoy this just check this out not bad
my first place kidding with this one my first days kidding with these ones and
skidding these ones so first two thoughts about this case
really really fast to put on with a arm strap second touch they are a little bit
too small for me I tried to downsize it I’m using a size and they are a little bit small but now boss number two
not easy skate with these big frames on this ball
maybe I’m not used to it maybe this trap maybe this rep is not the best option
with come with me okay so I’ve skated it a few more times
and I’m sure that I’m gonna enjoy this case just the way they are for something
else but just getting a bowl No so I’m gonna start there’s two things that I
think that might be affecting the first one is the own strap I love that one
strap I think it’s gonna be amazing for a lower frame well I’m gonna try to
change this on strap thing if death
work then I’ll try to get to 100 millimeter wheel instead of water it’s a
whole new setup and it’s I don’t have that much control it’s better I’m gonna
show you what I’m capable of right now but it’s still not good it could be a
long let me show you here we really didn’t it’s not really working I’m gonna talk we’re gonna try to change the buckle
let’s hear it goes okay I am not sure but they feel a lot
more stiff a lot more supportive I’ll tell you in a second of their work ah quite surprised so I’m happy I’m
happy that the skates work I still not need to get used to it it’s gonna be
weird if I want to grind on 100 pence I know it’s doable but it was also the
first time that I skated that ball so kind of took me a little bit to get used
but yes after changing the straps for buckles basically the original buckles
that come on the skates it worked amazing I do believe that those traps
will be awesome with lower friends anything up to a power of light up to 72
will work amazing I guess I love this I don’t like the skates to be super super
tight when I do grinds and stuff like that but on these type of frames you
need a supportive good you need your foot to be stable so I guess yeah I
guess you really need the buckles so until now the setup it’s approved and
that’s it it’s even more simple than I thought basically it’s just the basic
u.s. the seven this is the basic boot that’s how they come stock and I just
changed the liner I did put my old liner my second ski up see I just just fell I
just put the old liner enough with one of these stock too so those are my new
try skates and they got the stamp of approval I hope you enjoyed this video
hit this right ah maybe yes maybe not wait give me a second hard and I got it
so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video don’t forget to
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it’s gonna become white in this case you spell so I’m gonna fix this and you can
go and watch any other video made by me or by someone else most important than
anything else just like I always said just don’t forget why we all started
skating because it’s fun cheers guys see you soon