Anti Cyber Bully Campaign – #BluedAgainstCyberBully LGBTQ Voices

I could not even file a complaint as I was scared that I will be judged I dropped all the belongings I had and ran as fast as I could. I even thought to kill myself I was left with no option but to come out to my colleagues and talk to them about it More and more Indians are falling prey to cyber bullying and it is increasingly common in the gay community So, Jagdish how do you find a date? Social media Mutual friends House parties Dating apps Apps of course Some LGBT event or parties Discussing about dating apps Have you ever faced cyber bullying or extortion of money? I remember one such incident someone made my fake profile stating all the wrong and bad stuff about me like I am a sex worker I like to sell my body for 200 rupees Initially I ignored it but it impacted me when people started asking me If I am really into sex work? If I have fallen too low for 200 rupees I don’t have any ill feelings towards people who are into sex work It is their choice but I am not into that So why should I face the consequences of? The biggest negative impact of this incident was I stopped getting work My friends started trolling me about it I used to hear it constantly every day I even thought of killing myself like I should die There was this incident that happened at my previous workplace Whenever I used to go to office I used to see this profile close to me That profile use to send me vulgar messages, nude pictures and used to ask me to sleep with him Initially I told him that I am not interested and asked him to stop messaging me But he did not I got irritated and blocked him I did not realise that it will trigger him so much that he actually created another ID he started messaging me again but This time he was actually blackmailing me He started telling me that, “He will tell my colleagues about my sexuality” I was worried but I pretended not to care But when he mentioned few names of my colleagues with whom I work closely That is when I got scared and worried I was so nervous and did not know how to react on it I did not even know how he looked like who is this person That was really stressful I was so stressed that I was left with no options but to come out to my colleagues and talk to them about it I was talking to this guy on dating app We were chatting, chatting and chatting, then I started liking him He asked me to meet I got very excited as I liked him I got ready and left to meet him. I took flowers and chocolates for him. I reached at his home address I rang the doorbell When he opened the door and I was shocked this guy standing front of me and the guy was chatting with were completely different I dropped all my belongings and I ran as fast as I could you can’t imagine Once I reached home and started receiving abusive text messages from him I was frustrated and had to block him It was few months back in Delhi I had a new job there I was having a house party with my friends It was late night and I was chatting with this guy on a dating app I usually do not entertain discreet profiles But this one claimed to be a model and he was not comfortable to share pictures for safety concerns I found him genuine So I was like let’s take this chance and have this wild blind date for once I called him home My friends had left already. I opened the door and this guy was really hot I was little nervous I let him in I went inside to freshen up When I came back I saw this guy was stealing my stuff I was shocked. I tried to stop him but he thrashed me I could not do anything He took my stuff, my phone ,my wallet, my watches and left I was helpless I was too scared that I could not even file a complaint because I was scared of being judged What is my society finds out What if my owner finds out I just could not do anything Oh my god this is really scary I mean a model eventually turned out to be a thief Yes How did you tackle the situation? I tried moving on but my friend supported me so I am trying harder I tried to ignore it I left the organisation I did not have any other option than to block him So you have any tips for safer dating experiences? make sure that you meet him casually Never call a stranger directly to your home even if you are too horny Make sure you protect your private information Inform your friends before going on any date Do you think there should be any feature
for safer dating experiences on gay application? verification or something A video calling feature is a must I do not know really. some sort of online support? Video calling can be a good option After talking to these guys I have realised that gay men face this certain issues on dating apps What will mom dad say? How will police react? What if people changed their perspective towards me Because of many such questions people do not even speak out They get depressed, feel suicidal They just have it in within them selves Blued as an app has worked hard to bring solutions to all these problems They have this feature of one on one video call If Varun had this feature, he would not have gone on a date No one can record this video call, or can capture screenshots Blued has this feature of call timer where one can send photos, only for 5 seconds Additionally you can share the private album with the person you trust You can also delete the pictures from both the ends Blued has partnered with ya all queer rhythm which are both LGBTQ organisations They have helpline numbers available to all where people like Abhishek can reach out and discuss their problems and blued will always be there to support you