ANTI BULLYING PSA | 5 things I learned at an anti-bullying conference

– What’s going on everyone? Welcome back to my channel. I’m John, sorry for the
delay on the video this week. I was actually in Winnipeg
all last week so I didn’t really get a chance to get one done. I was in Winnipeg for an
anti bullying conference and it was a lot of fun, I learned a lot. So this video, I’m just
gonna kinda take you through the five main things I
learned at this anti bullying conference and how we
can all come together and end bullying. – I’m not saying I’m pro bullying but. – At what point does the
anti bullying campaign just start bullying the cool kids? – I do really love those guys
and that show, Workaholics, is hilarious but that is a terrible point. If you are considered cool
or if what you’re doing is being considered cool because
you are harming other people, if you’re putting other people
down, if you’re making them feel worse about their
lives or there situations, that should not be considered cool. You guys, as a society
we need to come together, expel this behavior that being
considered cool for making other people feel worse about
their lives is unacceptable. We’ve all been in elementary
school and high school and have experienced, either
first hand or second hand, what bullying is, what it looks like. But I just wanna talk a little
bit about why it’s important. Bullying can have an enormous
impact on your mental health, especially at a young age. If you’re being excluded
socially, if you’re being told you’re not good enough at
a young age, it can have significant impacts, not only right now on your mental health, but
years down the line. So there’s a ton of different
ways that you can be bullied or bully other people. From verbal bullying to
physical bullying, which is the most common and the one
we all probably think about, to the newest one which is
cyber bullying and leaving comments on other people’s
pictures or videos or creating secret groups to make fun
of one person or a group of people. There are a ton of different
ways that you can bully somebody and it really affects us all. From the person exuding
the bullying behavior to the person being bullied
to the bystanders watching. It has affects on all of
our mental healths, all our well beings and all of our productivity. Which is why I think it’s
important that we end bullying because it doesn’t just affect one person, it affects us all. So here are the five
things I learned at our anti bullying conference. Number one; bullying is preventable. There’s is this stat that
says if someone intervenes within 10 seconds of a
bully bullying someone else, the bully will actually stop. So we can all stop bullying
incidents just by stepping in and standing up for those
who are targeted by bullies. Number two; empathy is a learned behavior. Empathy is important because
it makes others feel like they are heard and they are felt. Not to be confused with
sympathy, empathy takes it a step further and it really
puts yourself in their shoes. Even if you’ve never felt
what they felt, even if you’ve never been a target of
bullying, it is taking a moment in your life where you might
have felt like that and understanding how that
person is feeling right now. One of the best ways to
connect with somebody is this. I’m so sorry you’re going
through this and I have no idea how you’re feeling right now
but I’m so glad you came to me and I’m here for you. Just being there for
that person in that time can be life changing. Number three; bullies can go to jail. Okay, this is a slight
exaggeration but there have been incidences where
bullies have gone to jail, to juvenile detention,
to court, have been sued. Especially in today’s day
and age where everything is captured on video, on
camera, screen shots. There are serious consequences
to being a bully that aren’t just societal like
losing all your friends or losing your job. You can go to jail. Number four; we can be bullies
and targets of bullying at different times in our lives. This was something that
was very interesting to me. Just because someone was a
bully at one point or one time in their lives
doesn’t mean that they will always be a bully and just
because someone was a target of bullying in their lives
doesn’t always mean they will be a target and that
they can’t be a bully in another scenario. So it’s important to
differentiate the two and also just because you’ve been
a target of bullying once, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable
for you to exude those bullying behaviors on others. Number five; we can end bullying. Not only is bullying
preventable but we can end it. If we teach our kids that
it is unacceptable to bully others, if we create
a society where it’s unacceptable for bullying
behavior to live and thrive, then we can end it. If you go out every day and
don’t accept seeing bullies in the workplace or on the
playground or in the lunch room or anything like that. If you stand up to bullying,
we can all end this. No-one likes to be made
fun of, no-one likes to feel excluded, no-one likes
to feel left out of situations and events. If we created a world where
people didn’t have to feel these things, if our kids
didn’t have to go through that. We’re not making them soft,
we’re making the world a better place. There’s a difference. Obviously we can’t just
end bullying like that. It would be very nice, but
this will take years and years to implement and practice
and each and every one of us needs to implement these
things on a daily basis to try and affect change. The smallest things like
opening a door or even smiling or complimenting someone on
their new haircut or shoes can go a huge way and we can
leave this world a better place for our children. If our children don’t have
to grow up in a world where there is bullying, why
would we not try and make that happen? So that’s it from me
today guys, it was a quick little video. I just wanted to kinda
recap all the things I learned this week. Next week I’m doing an entire
video on bone so be sure to stay tuned for that,
it’s gonna be great. I can’t wait to release it. I know a lot of people
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