Anti-Bullying Poster Contest

[Reporter] Creating artwork with a powerful message, these students won a district-wide poster contest to help raise awareness
for a serious issue. [Gregory McCord] I’d like to congratulate the students of Hilton Head
Island High School for their extraordinary work in helping us this
year with our create a poster design giving us a chance to raise the level of
awareness for students and staff as it relates to the issue of bullying. [Reporter] The five winning posters were all created by Media Arts students at Hilton Head High
School they use graphic design programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to
create their designs. [Kelsey Kabiri] At first I was going to do it where the duct tape was
over somebody’s face as they couldn’t say anything about themselves and all
the negative words were just consuming them but I changed my idea and made the
positive words the person and all the negative words surrounding them and they were being themselves and not listening to anything else. [Victory Moreno] For the message I didn’t really want to I wanted to make it strong so what I did was make me pop outlike behind the character very big. [Reporter] The Media Arts teacher is proud of her students work and the students all agree bullying needs to stop. [Victor] I don’t think anyone deserves to be bullied everyone should be able to be happy. [Kimberlee Smith] And you can tell the most about students through their art some of them you can tell have
really are affected by it or bothered by it and their imagery is so strong and
they’re all different it could be cyberbullying it could be simply
name-calling it could be anything nonverbal and that comes through so I
love that. [Reporter] The winning posters will be displayed at Hilton Head High and in Beaufort at the district office. A digital copy of the
posters is also available for every school in the district to use. At Hilton
Head High School, Ron Lopes Beaufort County School District.