Anti bullying 2015

you hi my name is Susan I have been grade eighth grade 9 and I studied at the Community International School person that we talked about moving to go further than that we go way back you see what you do my name is William you and Abbott and Twitter hi my name is mr. David I’m the visual arts teacher here at sea ice and today I’m gonna show you where’s Billy it’s a bad thing very good all right on you not that bad in touch hi Tessa so bullying is when many people or it also can be one taking on one or many people holiday deja fighting making people upset making people angry it could be anyone I guess any person out there who’s just intimidating to me have you ever been Louie yes yeah I’ve had personal experience with it was a as a junkman I’ve never believe us alone not require no I’ve never been bullied before human yeah I guess it’s little water a better term I was a soft kid so I was looked upon by other people’s be not manly enough not tough enough well judge 10 kilos of it liquid oh yeah we’re gonna do later hahaha it’s not the best of feeling I guess like you have no voice I have well it’s all one before to look cool because there is smaller than me you’re welcome to Beverly watch your Wheel of day I’m not even more coming out that is ok to give it a little bit you start to feel bad about yourself as you know you’re not but these people keep telling you it’s so easy to say them here you’re going to set up two numbers but you have actually to come fix up a sleeping person it’s it’s honestly hard fine but doesn’t even mean anything like basically remove it to run people at a bottle if I always look and learn the content table to be wrong in the world comfortable the context that’s a good man they can grow up to become a bully or jet will get the entire whole life I love Matt example of you you also have to understand that it takes time it takes time to heal and is it never goes away it something you don’t shake in an axe your life for a long time sorry when what reason why in anywhere yes anywhere the words which one stop Dahlia