Anita Stops The Bullying 2 Full Movie

CLOSED CAPTIONS COPYRIGHT 2016 SCHOOL’S OUT! Didn’t fifth grade fly by? Yes! It did certainly. I still can’t believe we’re going to middle school next year, right Lauretta? Right. It feels like yesterday was the first day of kindergarten! Our show’s starting! Good call. Let’s go! And the third place winner is… Barbara McConnell. Aw, man! Second place goes to Anita Schoffman. And the first place winner of touring with Pebble B is… MIRANDA GILFORD! Wahoo! Happy birthday to you…. Wait, why is that sign there? We’re moving! Guess where! Georgia? The Carolinas? None of those places! Where? Canada. I’ll miss you! Hi! Happy going-away party! I’m not going away! Everyone else is! The Pebble B tour is going to last 2 years. You know about Canada. Mom got a new job. But we’re all leaving today! Bye! Bye!