Anger Issues Got Me In Trouble, Beaten Up In Fan Fight, KO’d

Hi. I’m gonna tell you a different
story – I live in Sweden, of course and you say, which so peaceful, Oh
everything is nice there, and oh it’s so beautiful – yeah – but my friends have just
gone crazy and my parents got a divorce and I go to college and that’s very
stressing for me. Every time I’m stressed I can’t do anything, so why not take a
relaxing time and go to a football game, or soccer as you say in America – so I got to
the game and I sat down near the other team’s side. Nine minutes something like
that and we score the goal, of course, and
that makes me happy very happy. Everyone shouting, screaming, booing, yeah you know,
and no not for me – I like it because every time we do a goal or something
like that I am happy. Soon it’s down to 1-1 and then 1-2 and then I started screaming
at the other team. A big man with a large beard sitting near me, and I
start swearing at him and saying your team sucks and everything. Then he threw a
bottle at me and it really hurt, really, really hurt. I’m just shocked that he’s gonna
attack me – and he did – he punched me in the stomach and – Oh God – and then the
security guards came and took him away and everything and – uh – I couldn’t
breathe. I got to the hospital and he punched me so hard that my kidney almost
exploded so I have to do a surgery. I woke up after the operation and
they said I have a very very skinny tiny body so I should be more careful when I
say some things like that. He said I was almost killed for
that, said the doctor. So of course I apologize to the large big hairy man
because, well,I have to so I did and he accepted. Because I know that
guy. Lives in just another town beside our town, so yeah, I know that guy
so I say sorry and everything he say sorry. Don’t be angry like I am – I’m like
a big loser. So yeah, that’s my story hope you like it.