American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Aggressive Twins Kenpo Karate Technique

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo
Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This self-defense technique is called
aggressive twins because he is the aggressor. The twins are the two hand push. Now the problem
when being pushed is of course you are being forced back. If I were a great kicker and
kicked up high like this, if you were a bigger person, I might end up landing on the ground
even though I hit him. So what I want to do is take his support which is his legs out
from under him. Instead of sticking a chair in front of him I want to use my leg. So as
the push comes in, I first divert his width by going across this way with an inward block.
To keep him from running into me I stop his depth with a side kick or a stop kick to the
closest leg. Now of course if he is too close you do not use your legs, but we are going
to do this again and we are going to stop him right here. This opens up another target
area. So we did the block, the side kick and we are going to do a step through front kick,
rotating our hips to propel the power. You could kick him in the groin if you like; solar
plexus is good as well and then depart. So to recap aggressive twins we have a block,
a side kick to the leg, a front kick and a cover. This is aggressive twins.