Amanda Todd: Bullied Teen Commits Suicide

amanda tadi teenager from canada i had
put out the video on youtube kind of explaining some of the bullying that she
went through all she was in high school it turns out that she had some sort of
an exchange with a man on face book apparently he flouted hurt flattered her
to chat too the point where she flash ten on camera took that image and then year later
another man i don’t know if it’s the same and it seems like it might have
been another man contacted her and said i know your address and your parents
names and know what’s which school you go to and unless you do live show for me i’m going to make sure that everyone
sees this muted image of you well uh… she panic she went there
inside the apparently he didn’t go through uh… with his uh… threat and
setback image out to a bunch of people that she knew and it is completely
destroyed her life she had to change schools which led to another school attendance
at have a fresh start a bunch of girls from that school found
out about that new picture continued to ruin her reputation these
kids were absolutely cruel to her they were horrible to her she actually in the schools again and
the exact same thing happened and uh… eventually she took her own
life yeah uh… uh… somewhere along the way
approach overgrowth school here are anthony’s laughter there before mike
from that something starts on rome just so so higher change was going through it’s it’s also the breaks my heart to
hear the story uh… and you know you look at this because
there is a very like this is an attractive young cruise with things for
which is having the camera live in and you know having uh… you mean popular at school but uh… i mean is it just under a lot of fun in our life but i’m still horrible for her feel horrible for her
family i still horrible for her as well in her family and in the they did
everything they could to get in to help if she needed because she was severely depressed they went to counseling uh… she was
taking anti-anxiety pills anti depression hell’s whatever it whatever she needed to kind of through this obstacle in her life and
she couldn’t get through it n they are really two different issues
here one is an issue we’ve talked about extensively and that’s the bullying
issue any other issue is the new pictures the sex scene you know young
girls getting word into our being convinced to sent
people strangers naked pictures of themselves over the internet i feel like education is usually the best way to
come back these kinds of issues so in this case she’s dealing with both
problems right got tricked into sending this naked
picture when she was young right disguise use it against her we have to educate young girls about the consequences of
doing this trend and i know i joke about a lot when it comes to adults i always
say don’t do it it’s gonna end up on the internet but in this case it’s considered child
pornography and it we really wins these young girls’
lives and i i i i feel like this is why comprehensive sex education is so
important because sex education is something that’s
constantly evolving of course you’re not only does it change okay i’m
not talking to them that this is something stupid like that on-site i take it is not my favorite
person so sometimes they can pull back you know comprehensive sex education can
touch on issues like this it can tell young girls look here here’s something examples of
what happened to teenage girls who decided to send these pictures of
themselves through the internet or to their
boyfriends or whatever it is they’re real consequences and we should
discuss that when it comes to bullying we need to have a lot situation
differently i’m tired of the administrators they
don’t do anything about it obviously this is an ongoing thing with
her the administrators weren’t doing
anything about it they were allowing it to happen and it’s unacceptable witnesses to get
fired apparently went bowling is an ongoing
thing they don’t do anything about it sure that that’s the that’s the case
here uh… uh… there are some people fifty two price they definitely have a hormone balance
whatever it may be pictures dot much more i think that for that i’m not buying that uh… because and
and and everything they could for her to deal with the bullying but my sense is the bowling was ongoing
and there was no adult intervention there was there were there were no real consequences for the police if i didn’t know straighter at that
school and a group of girls go-around tarnishing the reputation of
another student you’re in big trouble you’re getting
expelled ok in i’m talking to your parents this kinda stuff is not going to
happen the environment schools right now is not
that way right now teenagers get away with
staying in doing whatever the hell they want especially when it comes to you
know i’ve you know social circles in the way they treat other students and i’m not having it and we need to
stop it and i feel like there should be real consequences for administrators who’d ignore things that happen on a
regular basis like this yes it’s difficult to prove right so
there needs to be proof there needs to be documentation i’m not saying like all my god student
was believe we need to get rid of the administrators in there needs to be
proof for it but obviously there some sort of break
down here and we need to solve that problem well
look yes if i agree that we should do more to
help the victims of bowling we should do more to stop blowing off
together or at least had of minimize it uh… we need to educate people parents
students teachers everyone uh… all that is true but in this particular case i don’t know
what more could have been done missing nothing more for the the i don’t
know what would work could be done that the reality is that every single
year we have uh… a number of teenagers taking their
own lives and tommy then could we have stayed i’m sure of the state’s sabke we
have saved all i don’t know and happens my question is what she one of those teenagers that we
could not estate because uh… for whatever reason they are their
to their twitch pain there are there if they’re just too far remove their desire to live the fighter with
their lives because me in this instance it seemed that the records are pretty
obvious on behalf of the russian was she was uh… you know subjective cruel off
of work for alarm for time but there are three that’s the scoop this is the link was that bad and you’re
really surprising whitish what if you’re if you do it that you’re wondering like what happened right at a lot of that has
to do with you know and she came in as well that’s why i
love i love the it gets better campaign
because when you’re in it when you’re in high school and high school wasn’t too
long ago for me i remember thinking like this is this is the real world right you think that you’re gonna be
with those people for the rest of your life you’re gonna have to deal with
those people for the rest your life so their opinion of you means the world but
you have to find a way to get it through their heads that no this isn’t even
close to reality you’re never gonna see these people again after you graduate
unless you want it