Alpha Baboon Stands Up for His Bullied Offspring (4K)

[CHEWING SOUNDS] NARRATOR: The alpha male is
not always a hardened dictator. He spends some quality time
with his offspring, who seem to want to be just like him. [DISTANT BIRD CAWING] And he reveals a softer side
in the company of his youngest. For the infant, there
is no safer place to be. Even if dad’s affection
can feel overwhelming. But there is a male in
the troop the youngsters know not to interfere with. A big, aggressive male
that even the alpha keeps his distance from. There is an underlying
tension between them. Violence can erupt in a moment. The big male is too
harsh in disciplining one of the alpha male’s young ones. [ROARING] [ROARING CONTINUES] This time, a verbal
warning is enough. [DISTANT ROARING] [MUSIC PLAYING]