Ally Brooke Opens Up About Being Bullied While In Fifth Harmony | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– This is my favorite thing though, you’re on Dancing With the Stars, like why did you want to do that show? Because in our minds, like in my mind, I’m like well I’ve done shows. We’ve done radio shows
together to where I’m like I’ve seen you dancing. – Ah thanks – I’m like you, you dance well. – Thank you, I appreciate it. – Yeah – Well uh, the reason why
I’m on Dancing With the Stars is because when I was in Fifth Harmony, I got made fun of a lot
by like online bullies – Trolls – Trolls saying that
like, oh she can’t dance. They were laughing at me, they were calling me the weakest dancer, they were like oh she’s so embarrassing. – So you wanted to kind of
prove to everybody then. – Exactly, cause that
really hurt my confidence. Like I would walk around and be like, man, super insecure and thinking
when I’m performing, oh my gosh is that person
judging me in the audience? Do they think I look stupid? Do I look stupid? But I know that I had it inside me, um, and this show’s given me the opportunity and that platform to, to prove something not only to those people, but to myself and this is a beautiful
opportunity and platform to use this and say hey, if
anybody who’s watching right now anybody in the audience,
if you’ve ever felt scared of something because you
were bullied or made fun of, you can go for it, like I
hope that I can be a voice. I know I said it on the show, but I hope that I can be
a voice or an inspiration for someone who wants
to reach their dreams or go for something. – Yeah and here’s the thing, like I could like, yes (Clapping and cheering) I feel like failure in life, like, I feel like failure is
only when you don’t try. – Amen. – Like, cause we’re not always gonna win. – No. – It’s not always going to
be your day, your moment, but like, at least you tried. – Thank you so much. – Um Dean, would you do
Dancing With the Stars? – Yeah, would you do it? – You know, I honestly,
honestly I’m not going to lie I think I can move, right? – I know you can move. – And I can take, I’m
coachable, I’m coachable and I’m strong and I think I
could pick girls up, you know? So I think I could, I think I could do it. – Yeah, oh they would love that. – I know, give some
time, give me some time. – I could pick girls,
I could pick girls up that’s, your wife is like what? (Laughing) – In the context of dancing. (Laughing) – I’m just kidding. – That was a trap, it was a trap. – I did know it was trap, you teed me up you teed me up.