Aggressive Dog Is Afraid Of Losing Her Puppies Again | Kritter Klub

Soondol~ Don’t come closer! Stay away from me!! Soondol attacks out of wrath.. If I just go near her, she bites When trying to change the frozen food Lashes out.. It’s already been a week It’s cold outside, and she doesn’t even eat Refusing everything A year ago, Soondol roamed the streets For the friendly dog Gave a space ti stay at the factory A week ago At this space, she gave birth Lonely Soondol Finally had a new family The problem is.. Afterward, she’s totally changed Vet/ Soondol is very skinny She’s likely to have health problems Puppies’ health is worrisome as well But Soondol.. Expert/ To protect the puppies She became very wary of people It’s best to wait for Soondol to approach us first Come here, Soondol To sensitive Soondol The expert gives her some time Slowly Soondol feels at ease For the puppies’ safety Rescue Soondol first, and then save puppies But.. Vet/ There were three more puppies There are three more dead puppies Vet/ Soondol must have lived a tough life while living on the street Especially after losing her puppies She must be afraid of losing the puppies who survived She had to watch her puppies die.. Soondol couldn’t lose her puppies anymore She’s reunited with her puppies again in the hospital My precious babies..! Soondol gets examination And a haircut too! After spending some time in a cozy place Soondol became better at raising her puppies She’s changed so much from aggressive Soondol Mama and her puppies will be healthier as well Until she finds her owner Soondol~ Come out Aww so cute uwu Seeing how she’s roaming around Think she can get along well than I expected I got my spot already Hope you guys are happy in such warm and cozy home